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Pore Slim Laser – Eri Clinic Omotesando

Tightens open pores, even sagging pores.

Pore Slim Laser – Eri Clinic Omotesando イメージ

This is Dr. Eri’s special pore treatment method thanks to the application of the Alexandrite laser in the treatment of pores.
While treating the brittle hair of the face which do not respond to ordinary laser hair removal, it can destroy collagen loosened around the pores with heat and regenerate new collagen.
It fills up pores sagging on the cheek or nose, while helping to remove brittle hair of the face and make the skin glow.
After applying a gel containing hyaluronic acid to protect the skin, the laser will be used
The duration of complete facial treatment is about 20 minutes. In addition we combine skin cooling during laser treatment, so customers do not hurt but feel just a slight stinging sensation.
After each iteration, the therapeutic energy will be slightly increased for the skin to get used to, every 2-3 weeks of treatment repeated once will bring smooth skin without reduced pores.Combined with the chemical exfoliating method will bring more efficiency.


We are pleased to introduce the advanced laser “Elite Plus”, which performs more effective treatments in a short time!

“Elite Plus” is the latest series equipment that powers up both power and irradiation speed compared with the conventional equipmen. By using handles in different sizes, this device helps to treat more thoroughly according to each person’s skin condition.

【What is Dr Eri’s pore treatment?】

Pores, blackheads formed by sebum accumulation gradually causes enlarged pores.
In addition, enlarged pores that cause cellulite or sagging pores are caused by collagen depletion of the skin.
It is difficult to remove such pores only with conventional skin care methods.
The combination of aesthetic treatments such as laser, light, mesotherapy, Ion conduction, chemical exfoliating … is a wise choice.At Eri Clinic, from the medical and dermatological perspective, we learn the causes of pores not only from the outside but from the inside of the body, thereby offering the appropriate treatments, giving counselling to help clients get smoother skin!

【Option】Massage acupressure (face)


●Laser treatment for pores is specially formulated by Dr. Eri after many years of pursuit of pores.
●It is highly appreciated that only after one treatment can feel the effect of tightening pores!
●We also offer a supplemental pore package, which, if combined, results in a higher therapeutic effect.
Bring a smooth skin in the shortest time!

Illustrative image


Laser Treatment Image for tighten pores.


Laser Treatment Image for tighten pores.


<OPTION>Iontophoresis Vitamin C


Laser treatment will stimulate the production of collagen around the pores, causing the pores to tighten again, making the skin smooth.
Maintaining the treatment will effectively blot the pores.




・Fill the pores
Fill stretched sagging pores.
・Shrink pores
Minimize the enlarged pores.
・Depilation of the brush hair
Remove the brush hair on the face, making the makeup become smoother.


Shave イメージ
Shave Shave brittle hair around the pores for thorough eradication.
Apply gel イメージ
Apply gel Apply a special gel to make the laser easier to irradiate.
Laser irradiation イメージ
Laser irradiation Apply laser on the pores, such as cheeks, nose, forehead.
Almost no pain but just a little stinging.
Laser can be applied to treat brittle hair depilation and tighten pores at the same time. Treatment time is about 10 minutes for the entire face.
<Option>Iontophoresis Vitamin C イメージ
<Option>Iontophoresis Vitamin C Combination of other treatment options such as Iontophoresis Vitamin C to achieve higher therapeutic effect.

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