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Eri Clinic Omotesando

Dr. Eri`s Aesthetic Medical Seminar
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Dr. Eri

At Eri Clinic Omotesando, Dr. Eri Katagiri is sponsoring "Beauty Medical Care Seminar" and the information exchange meetings to the medical doctors and the related media at any time.

At this seminar, the contents will be applied to the knowledge level of the joiners, but the main purpose of this seminar is to learn the most advanced aesthetic medical care, the high level knowledge, and the technology skills.
Additionally, by inviting the globally famous medical doctors in the Aesthetic Medical Care, we will hold the information exchange meetings.

At any time we will sponsor these informative seminars, the, please freely contact us if you are interested in joining our seminars.


〒107-0061 Tầng 4-5, toàn nhà Iriki, 3-5-30 Kita Aoyama, Quận Minato, Tokyo [Google Map]
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