Cancellation Policy

We are a reservation based clinic.
Reservation of our Drs・Devices ・Rooms .
Cancellation charge will apply upon making next reservation .

Please contact us by 7:00pm 2 days prior to reservation day (Excluding Closed Days)

Director Treatment Cancellation Fee

Treatment with our Dr Eri 10,800 JPY(11,880 JPY Tax Inclusive)
Botox Annual Plan 6,000 JPY(6,600 JPY Tax Inclusive)
Dr Eri Examination, Insurance covered Treatment 1,800 JPY(1,980 JPY Tax Inclusive)
Treatment with our Staff Every 30min 2,400 JPY (2,640 JPY Tax Inclusive)
Delay from 15min~
※after every 15min 1,000 JPY (Tax Inclusive 1,100 JPY)
1,200 JPY (1,320 JPY Tax Inclusive)

※A separate fee may apply due to the volume of treatment and reservation of room

Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Cancellation Fee

7- 2 Days prior to Reservation
(Excluding Closed Days within Operation Hours by 7pm)
20% of Surgical Fee
1 Day prior to Reservation (Excluding Closed Days within Operation Hours by 7pm) 50% of Surgical Fee
The Day of Reservation 70% of Surgical Fee
No Show on the Day of Reservation 100% of Surgical Fee
Consultation Fee with our Plastic Surgeons (First Time ・Revisit)

※No charge of Consultation Fee for patients conducting or reserving surgery upon Consultation that day

36,000 JPY (39,600 JPY Tax Inclusive)
Cancellation Fee for only Consultation (Fee applies 7 days prior to reservation) 36,000 JPY (39,600 JPY Tax Inclusive)

■Cancellation on Reservation of Consultation with Plastic Cosmetic Surgery
Consultation Fee of 36,000 JPY(39,600 JPY Tax Inclusive) + Surgical Fee for that day will be charged
■Cancellation on Stem Cell Therapy from Autologous Fat
20 % of 333,000 JPY (366,000 JPY Tax Inclusive) Fat Sampling Fee included in the course will be charged

※We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in advance as we wish for many patients as possible to receive treatment



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