Dr. Eri`s most advanced Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

A technique captured by a Woman’s sense and trusted by her clients, Dr. Eri Katagiri who holds more than 150,000 Hyaluronic Acid Injection cases. No.1 Most popular treatment at Eri Clinic Omotesando

Eri Clinic Omotesando – located in the center of Omotesando, ‘the leading edge of Aesthetic Dermatology’

Dr. Eri’s advanced Hyaluronic Acid Injection is the most popular menu among the treatments at Eri Clinic Omotesando. Her highly teched injection treats wrinkles between the brows and around the mouth designing within the bone sculpture. Her technique is highly known and appreciated by beauty professionals and celebrities.

Dr Eri has been certified by Galderma as a Global Trainer of Hyaluronic acid injections. Certified by 2 major Pharmaceutical companies, Galderma and Allergan.

Dr. Eri Katagiri

Dr. Eri Katagiri

Cosmetic dermatologist / physician specialized in cardiovascular medicine; CEO, Eri Clinic Group in Japan as well as Eri International in Vietnam Trustee of “Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine”, Member of “Japanese Society of Internal Medicine”, “Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”

Technique brought by sense of design Forming the face without the need of invasive surgery

The high features for Hyaluronic acid injections are after injection it absorbs and metabolizes within the face and body after months. The merit compared to collagen is that it is less likely to irritate the skin and cause allergic reaction. Injections on a 6 month base is recommended to maintain a long term effect.

Director Eri is certified under 2 major pharmaceutical companies, Galderma and Allergan

Dr. Eri Katagiri has received the special authorized title of “Experienced Injector” in the world.

Dr. Eri Katagiri
Dr. Eri has received the special authorization from Mr. Leslow Rudy, CEO of Galderma Inc. at Eri Clinic Omotesando.

Dr. Eri Katagiri has received the special authorized title of “Experienced Injector” from Galderma Inc. (Switzerland), the globally largest dermatology specialty pharmaceutical company with developing the safest Hyaluronic Acid injections medicines fro the first time in the world, where they have received CE mark in Europe as well as FDA approval in US for the first time in the world.


Mr. Leslow Rudy, CEO of Galderma Inc. has visited Eri Clinic Omotesando in June, 2016. The injecting power of Dr. Eri Katagiri, who has had more than 150,000 Hyaluronic Acid Injection cased domestically as well as internationally was recognized and then she has received the special authorized title of “Experienced Injector” from the company. At Eri Clinic Omotesando, this experienced Dr. Eri by herself will provide injections treatments to all patients.

Dr. Eri Katagiri has been appointed as “Certified Trainer” in the world.


Dr. Eri, who has been appointed authorized “Certified Trainer” in the world, has been focusing on training other doctors not only in Japan but also from foreign countries regarding the higher and safer mini cosmetic surgery skills through her seminars.

Dr. Eri was recognized by Allergan as “Injecting Training Doctor” in 2018.

Dr. Eri awarded by Mr. Agnes Lim, CEO of Allergan Japan
Dr. Eri awarded by Mr. Agnes Lim, CEO of Allergan Japan

“Dr. Eri was recognized by Allergan Company as” “Injection Training Doctor” in 2018. Dr. Eri will continue to hold seminars and teaching activities to be able to share the skilled injecting techniques accumulated from the rich experience with as many doctors as possible at home and abroad. In addition, at our institute, Dr. Eri will directly treat all customers. We have received satisfied words from many patients about precise technique and advanced aesthetics sense suitable for each patient.

Dr. Eri received the certificate “COMPLETED THE GALDERMA FACIAL ANATOMY COURSE” from Galderma company


Dr. Eri, Galderma’s technical trainer in injecting hyaluronic acid, has received the certificate “COMPLETED THE GALDERMA FACIAL ANATOMY COURSE” “. This is a certificate given to a handful of Japanese doctors invited to attend a two-day seminar in Singapore. ”

Dr. Eri has been certified by Galderma as a Certificate of Expertise 2019

Certificate of appreciation and memento from Galderma
Certificate of appreciation and memento from Galderma

As in 2018, we have been recognized by Galderma, the world’s leading pharmaceutical company for hyaluronic acid injectables, as an Expertise 2019. This is an acknowledgement of the high quality of the treatment technique and a tribute to the significant contribution made to the popularization of hyaluronic acid injection therapy. This is also the result of the many patients who have come to our clinic because they trust our hyaluronic acid injection treatment.
We will continue to offer injectable treatments that please our patients.

Dr. Eri received“Certificate of Appreciation” from Galderma Co.

Dr. Eri received
Dr. Eri receives the award from Mr. Yutaka Okada, President of Galderma Co.

In 2016, Galderma, the world’s largest dermatology company, awarded Director Eri Katagiri the title of the world’s first “Specially Certified Doctor for Hyaluronic Acid Injection”. Seminars and lectures aimed at promoting the advanced technology and the procedure to doctors “at home and abroad”. Many patients have expressed their satisfaction. In recognition of our achievements to date, we have received a “Certificate of Appreciation 2021” from Galderma.
In conjunction with the award, we also received a courtesy visit from Mr. Yutaka Okada, President and Representative Director of Galderma Co. We will continue to provide the best and most gratifying injection therapy for each patient’s condition.

Dr Eri’s Hyaluronic Acid Injections:
5 Main Reasons why selected by the patients

1. Dr. Eri by herself will provide from the counseling to the treatment

1.Dr Eri herself will provide from consultation to treatment

Other clinics provide different staff for consultation and staff in charge of injection.
Our clinic believes that connecting the consultation and treatment process with the Dr herself is important.
Dr Eri will provide throughout consultation to treatment of injection.

2. Dr. Eri Special Filler Way: Dr. Eri has had more than 150,000 special Hyaluronic Acid Injection cases

2.With experience of more than 150,000 cases of Injections Dr Eri’s Method

As the pioneer for Aesthetic Dermatology upon the experience of more than 150,000 cases of injections. Not only to satisfy female patients however broadly to all genders and generations who’s approach is to look youthful.

3. Dr. Eri has a special design sense which has an enormous support from a lot of celebrities

3.Design sense supported among many celebrities

The reason behind holding many visitors of celebrities and beauty professional is from ‘ the sense of beauty coming from a female Dr’ Dr Eri’s technique brings not only the beauty of the skin also putting importance in the entire impression of the face and the image without makeup

4. Dr. Eri will absolutely satisfy the patients with their any requests from just the point injection to the eyes and the mouth to the best choice adjusting to the build

4. We accept wide ranges of injections from point injections of the eye to the mouth area, to the entire bone structure of the whole face.

Dr Eri’s method features 2 ways, 1 to bring volume and plump the skin and another to ease wrinkles with combination of Botox injections Requests such as ‘ To ease wrinkles and bring out volume at the same time’ ‘ To design a beautifully shaped nose without Plastic Surgery’

5. Dr. Eri`s high technique of the injection will never cause the internal bleeding nor the pain in case of the treatment

5. No pain and internal bleeding occurs upon injection due to Dr’s high technique

We hear from clients experiencing trouble such as severe internal bleeding and mistreatment from other clinics. At Eri Clinic Omotesando as our highly teched Dr.Eri will perform the injection in safe hands.


1.Apply anesthetic tape

1.Apply Anesthetic Tape

Upon consultation and careful selection of the part of injection, the Anesthetic tape will be applied 15min prior to ease the pain.

2.Carefully observe the manifestations

2.Carefully observing the Facial Expressions

Dr. Eri will observe the movements of the face before injection. By capturing how they smile and talk injecting the right amount for a natural finish.


3.Design of Injection

The injection will be performed once the anesthetic is effective. To apply the right amount of pressure with injection the parts will be formed in a beautiful shape. Patients do not have to worry about pain and internal bleeding.

4.Checking after finishing

4.Checking after Injection

After injection the patient will check by themselves with a mirror and will finish with adjustments until satisfaction. The benefits of Hyaluronic acid injections is the appearable results.

“Dr. Eri`s Hyaluronic Acid Injection” cases

  • Inject hyaluronic acid nose, chin, lips, smile lines and cheek, wrinkles under eyes. Also Botox jaw injection, forehead ...
    ▶Hyaluronic acid injection in the nose, chin, lips, frown lines, cheeks and wrinkles under the eyes. Botox injections in the jaws and forehead
  • By pushing up a face line to realize the minus 5 years old rejuvenation
    ▶By creating lift of the frown lines to appear 5 years younger
  • By injecting into the lips, vertical wrinkles become inconspicuous and finish to a fascinating lip.
    ▶By injecting the lips, the vertical wrinkles will dissolve creating a plump lip
  • Inject hyaluronic acid nose, chin, lips, smile lines and cheek, wrinkles under eyes. Also Botox jaw injection, forehead ...
    ▶Injection in the tip of chin creating a fascinable sharp chin
  • A tip of nose and a ridge of nose has been adjusted beautifully naturally to look like a modulated face
    ▶Creation of a sharper impression with injection of the bridge and tip of the nose
  • A eye bag has been created as well as the ridge of the nose has been arranged to become the brilliant and fascinating impression
    ▶Injection of the bridge of nose and creation of eyebags to bring out a fascinating impression
  • Dr. Eri`s True Lift – “Heart-shaped face” to be realized by the newest unique injection way Details of the process, etc.
    ▶NEW!Dr. Eri’s True Lift – a unique method of injection to bring out a ‘Heart-shaped Face’



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