Medical Hair Removal Laser

Dr. Eri's reliable method of hair removal helps clients avoid the pain of treatment.

Medical Hair Removal Laser イメージ

Doctor will first check your skin and hair condition carefully.
I will carefully give counseling, and after consenting, I will continue treatment.
For laser hair removal, we use Alexandrite laser which can reliably relieve hair loss in a short time.
This is a specialized medical device, not limited to energy output as cosmetic machines, should be able to adjust the level of energy suitable for each person, resulting in high therapeutic effect in a short time.
Depending on the area of ​​treatment, if done about 5-6 times at intervals 1 to 1.5 months in the cycle of hairs, it is almost possible to remove hair permanently.
It not only removes the hairs under the arm, arms, legs, but also can treat the hair in sensitive areas such as the face, nape, … Moreover, the ability to shape and aesthetic look after treatment is also very high price.We provide maximum pain relief to our clients, and both doctor and all employees are women so customers can be assured of this service.


We are pleased to introduce the advanced laser “Elite Plus”, which performs more effective hair removal treatments on a wider range!

“Elite Plus” is the latest series equipment that powers up both power and irradiation speed compared with the conventional equipmen.The superior solution for treating pore and beautifying and bringing back skin firmness, while also adding a unique system to cool the skin during laser projection, so it is recommended for customers who are not able to bear pain.


●Using advanced medical laser technology, ensuring effective hair removal in short time.
●Operation carefully, care after treatment carefully, you can safely treat.
Our clients are very pleased to evaluate that "This is a clinic to take care of all my bristles."
●There are also a lot of customers who come back to use a service that requires a high degree of visual acuity, such as the eyebrow area or the neck area.
We are proud of the sophisticated technology that only Dr Eri doctors have.

Illustrative image


Picture of the front arm treatment


Laser hair removal in the nape area


By carefully designing and removing unwanted hair, you will arrange it as a beautiful nape that draws your eyes when you put your hair up.


Hair removal under the nose can eliminate the problem of shaving, while removing skin problems.


Two different wavelengths of laser light can be used, and patients with thick beards and weakened skin due to shaving can also receive this treatment




・Body Hair Removal
Permanent hair removal on the face, arms, legs, under the arm, V Line


Consulting and marking イメージ
Consulting and marking Doctor Consulting
Check skin and hair type.
While doing the designing for the nape, draw a marker to mark the hair removal area. For those who are afraid of pain, they may be given an anesthetic tape.
Shave イメージ
Shave Careful shaving of the treatment area.
Shoot laser イメージ
Shoot laser Set the appropriate power level to project Laser.
Lazer screened with round light of 1.25 "1.5cm diameter, cooled once a second.
The nape takes about 15 minutes, the armpit takes about 15 minutes, the two legs take about 30 minutes to complete.
Cool イメージ
Cool After treatment use a cool cloth immediately.
Apply medication イメージ
Apply medication Check your skin condition, apply anti-inflammatory and finish the treatment.

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