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Dr.片桐衣理 Combined with aesthetic dermatology and internal medicine, and combining both advanced anti-aging and regenerative medicine, Eri Clinic Omotesando continues to grow into a comprehensive anti-aging clinic. Mr. Tomokazu Kato, a well-known journalist working in the field of aesthetics, said that the mind of Dr Eri is what guarantee commitment to treatment and to think for the client.


Someone with a medical specialty like Dr Eri, why choose to open Dermatological clinic? (Mr Kato)

I personally think that “real beauty” is a combination of strength between soul and body, I have accumulated experience in internal medicine at university hospital with the purpose of taking care of aging from inside to outside of the body. While I work, I have accumulated experience in dermatology, cosmetic surgery and also gynecology at other hospitals. I opened a cosmetic clinic after having accumulated enough experience and knowledge necessary for the “beauty” profession. At the time (15 years ago), there were no other medical doctors involved in the field of dermatology and internal medicine. At present, our institute also checks and treats anti-aging treatment such as aesthetic treatment, genetic testing of cancer, stem cell treatment.(Dr. Eri)

Dr. Eri

In other clinics, counseling is done by nurses and doctors are in charge of treatment only. Many clinics are in charge, why do you do everything?(Mr Kato)

Dr. Eri

To achieve the wishes of each customer, it is necessary to unify the motto in treatment from the beginning to the end, the most important is to avoid the confusion in the direction of treatment. As a result, the head of the clinic does counseling, and all staff are involved in the treatment agreed on a unified motto. (Dr. Eri)


The treatment services are increasing, right? (Mr Kato)

Aesthetic treatment is growing. Adapting to that trend, I think it is necessary to use the best machine. In order to maximize efficiency and safe treatment, my goal is to personally experience and choose the best service to provide to our clients. Therefore, I actively participate in all the seminars, gathering information from abroad, hard work day by day. (Dr. Eri)

Dr. Eri

Please tell me more about lazer effect from mucosa and regenerative(Mr Kato)

Dr. Eri

“Intima laser” that irradiates the mucous membrane can be used for women’s specific troubles (such as loose vagina, leakage of urine, vaginal pain / inflammation, insensitivity, etc.) which could only be treated by hormone therapy or surgical operation, It is the world’s most noteworthy treatment machine that has won the Aesthetic Award 2016 Medical Beauty Equipments Grand Prize in the beauty medical magazine of the United States. Similarly, “Eyelift / Smile Lift” is applied to the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth mucosa, to improve sagging skin without resorting to surgery without surgery. Its credible performance is very attractive In addition, we have established an outpatient clinic for “Reconstructive Medicine for Stem Cells,” “NK Cancer Cell Therapy,” which meets the highest standards in Japan. culture technology and safety. In our institute, high-activity and safe dental root cells are cultured from the teeth, which can be used in aesthetics as well as for many other therapeutic purposes. In addition, we are focused on helping young and healthy clients, such as cancer screening tests, identify the earliest cancer risk, and immunotherapy with NK cell culture. self.(Dr. Eri)


How to become a chosen clinic by clients?(Mr Kato)

I think it is important to be a good friend in the life of the client. I believe that listening to all the wishes of customers from the budget to the aspirations, so that they can reach the closest to the ideal model that customers desire. The exchange between customers and doctors is very important. I myself as well as all the staff always try to welcome as warmly as possible to customers feel most comfortable when consulting.(Dr. Eri)

Dr. Eri



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