Create a nose shape

Create a nose shape

When viewed from the front of the nose in the center of the face, it contributes significantly to creating a balance for the face.
Also when looking at the nose also creates a great impression for your tilt angle.
Here we help bring a beautiful nose to suit each face!

The execution of treatment

  • 1, Checking and counseling

    experienced doctors will give you advice .

  • 2, Anesthesia and treatment

    Start local anesthesia and proceed step by step treatment.

  • 3, Thread removal (about a week after surgery)

    if there is no problem, thread removal will be performed.
    * If there is constant bleeding, severe swelling, or severe pain, please see doctor immediately.

Shrink the nose wings / Nose tip reduction surgery description

Shrink the nose wings

Nostril reduction technique is very effective for those who want to improve the nose, can bring a slim nose shape, creating a sharp impression.

Recommended person

  • For those who want to make their nose smaller
  • Narrow the nose and make it smaller


• You can shower and wash your face the day after surgery, but the treated area should be cleaned with warm water.
• Please do not soak in bathtub, drink alcohol and exercise excessively for 3 days immediately after surgery.
• Do not apply makeup at the stitching area until removing the thread.
• You can wash your hair and wash your face around your nose the next morning. Wash thoroughly so that there are no chemical ingredients.
• Do not apply excessive force such as pinching the nose or rubbing the wound.

Nostril reduction technique

The tip of the nose is located in the center of the front of the nose, so it is a very important part to determine the overall impression of the nose. If the shape of the tip of the nose is balanced, the overall shape of the nose and even the impression of the entire face will be improved.
The tip of the nose is comprised of central septum cartilage and left and right nasal cartilage. The upper structure is covered with soft tissue such as adipose tissue and skin.
Therefore, when trying to shrink the tip of the nose, it is necessary to remove subcutaneous adipose tissue, remove part of the nasal cartilage or reshape the nasal cartilage.
In addition, if you want to extend the tip of the nose downward, an ear cartilage can be implanted.

Incision method

The incision method performed in rhinoplasty is divided into “closed method” and ” open method “, which is used depending on the shape of the nose and the type of surgery.

Recommended person

  • Want to make your nose slimmer
  • Want to improve nose shape
  • Want to raise the nose
  • Want to make your nose slim and sharp
  • Want to extend the tip of the nose downward.
  • Want the tip of your nose up


• Swelling after surgery and internal bleeding can last about a week. After thread trimming (about a week), the nose takes shape in about a month and the shape is stable gradually over 3 to 6 months.
• After the surgery, the nose will be fixed with a splint for a week. Make-up or a face wash can be done the day after surgery, but please do not affect the splint as much as possible.
• No irritation by pinching nose or rubbing wounds.
• Please do not shower, drink alcohol or exercise excessively for 3 days immediately after treatment.
• Please do not put on makeup until you remove the thread.
• Apply a small amount of ointment to the wound area about three times a day to moisturize the wound area.

Shrink the nose wings

Suitable for people with large nostrils due to wide nose wings.

This method makes the nose look smaller but there may be cases where stitches are still visible. At our hospital we perform stitches along the nose edge to limit seeing stitches as much as possible.

  • [Implementation time] 60 minutes
  • [Down time] 1 week

Suitable for people with a wide gap between the nose tip and the left and right nose wings.

This method helps reduce the nostrils and the width of the nose by curling the nostrils inwards.

  • [Implementation time] 60 minutes
  • [Down time] 1 week

Nose tip reduction surgery


This method cuts left and right separately along the nose cartilage near the edge of the nostril.

It has the disadvantage of a narrow surgical opening angle, but has the advantage of not hurting the nose scalp.

  • [Implementation time] 1 to 2 hours
  • [Down time] About 1 week

This is an incision method that connects the incision at the edge of the left and right nostrils and the line across the nostril.

This method makes the surgical opening wide and easy to operate, but it is easy to leave a scar on the tip of the nose. Scar with an inverted V-shape or a ladder-like pattern will fade over time.

  • [Implementation time] 60 minutes
  • [Down time] About 1 week
Surgical content
  • Local anesthesia:Combining anesthesia from the cheek to the nose (nerve block under the skin) and anesthetic injection into the subcutaneous tissue of the nose. The anesthetic dissolves within 2-3 hours. If it hurts, use more pain medicine.
  • Skin and mucous incisions:Create an open or closed incision.
  • Eliminate excess fat tissue:Cut off excess adipose tissue from the nose wings, the tip of the nose and the nasal cartilage to make the nose slim. There may be bleeding at the incision or removal of adipose tissue, but bleeding can be stopped.
  • Removal of nasal cartilage:In some cases, part of the nasal cartilage is removed.
  • Stitching of nasal cartilage:Right and left nasal cartilage is stitched together to shape nose tip. If cartilage tissue is missing or if it is necessary to extend the tip of the nose downward, we use ear cartilage to implant and fix the nose.
  • Close the wound:The wound is sewn with nylon thread and closed. Stitching removal is performed about 7 days after surgery.
  • Fixing:Fix the nose with gauze to prevent postoperative swelling and continue to maintain until the thread is removed.

① Take ear cartilage


② Make incision on each side of nose and insert

【Risks / Side Effects / Complications】
There may be complications associated with general surgery, such as internal bleeding, swelling and infection.
In addition, it can happen that the tip of the nose is hard, the shape is abnormal, such as the tip of the nose is pointing up or down, the sides of the nostrils are irregular, the cartilage is visible or the scar is exposed …



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