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External Medicine

External Medicine

Combining with other treatment will bring better results!
Treat various purposes like skin whitening, wrinkles, acne …

Pantostin(Treatment for Hair loss, Hair thinning) イメージ

Pantostin(Treatment for Hair loss, Hair thinning)

The latest effective medicine for hair loss / thinning remedy for both males and females.
Only use once a day can protect from the hair roots, prevent hair loss due to age or hereditary.

Pantostin is a topical treatment for hair loss due to genetic factors or age.
Over time, the amount of hormones in the body of a woman decreases, the amount of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) , which causes hair loss, dominates and hair loss progresses.
Pantostin contains alpha Toraji All which inhibits the production of DHT, protects the hair roots, prevents hair loss.
Effective even for men, can be used immediately when the signs of hereditary hair loss appear
When used in combination with pantogal (supplement), you can expect even higher effect.
How to use: once a day, apply to the treatment area with the tool attached in the package.
First, remove the white screw cap from the bottle and push the applicator until it snaps into place.
(The white button will be used as a cover after use, so do not discard it.)
Still hold the bottle and press lightly the body of the bottle, pour the drug up to the measuring line of 3ml.
Invert the bottle, apply the medication by putting the cap directly into the part of the hair loss.
Please spread the applied medicine well to the scalp while drawing a circle with your fingertips.
Hair will not stick, wet, or damage.

※ Not for people under the age of 18.
※ Not for pregnant or lactating women.
※ Alcohol-containing drugs can cause dermatitis, rash, itching …


Perspirex(Medical antiperspirant) イメージ

Perspirex(Medical antiperspirant)

Use only once will prevent sweating on the palms, feet, armpits and body odor in 3-5 days!
Only 2-3 times a week will be effective even after bathing, is a long-lasting anti-perspirant.

Perspirex is a new drug that has long lasting effects in the perspiration suppression, and is patented.
Just apply to the part that needs to prevent sweat, the main ingredient of the drug is aluminum chloride will react with sweat, forming deep membrane inside the sweat glands.
The membrane will act as a valve to block the sweat, temporarily blocking the secretion of the sweat glands.
Despite strong friction or bathing, the drug remained effective for 3-5 days until the valve layer blocking the sweat glands is completely eliminated.

The drug containing “aluminum lactate” to suppress skin irritation.
The drug does not use aromas, so it can reduce the risk of allergic skin.

Not only armpits but also can be used for the palms, soles of the feet.
In addition, the drug is recommended for people who can not use the drug many times due to exercise or work, afraid of trouble, use other anti-perspirant drugs that are not effective, pregnant women or breastfeeding who can not be injected botox for treatment of sweat gland …
Because there is no need to carry it many times, it is very convenient to go out or go to work.

How to use: Apply to the area to prevent sweat before going to bed.
Do not use on scratched skin, after application wait to dry then wear clothes.
In the morning, use water and rinse away with cotton or a damp cloth.
No need to re-apply. Use within 1 week to feel effective.
It can then reapply 2-3 times a week to maintain effectiveness.

※ For those with sensitive skin, apply the solution every other day for two weeks.
※ Do not use within 48 hours after hair removal
※ People who are sensitive to alcohol should consult a doctor.
※ Do not use for children
※ The lotion type ( for hand, foot) contains high concentrations of aluminum chloride, is not used for the armpit.


Retinoic Acid(Vitamin A Derivatives) イメージ

Retinoic Acid(Vitamin A Derivatives)

Retinoic acid is very common in the treatment of wrinkles, pigmentation, acne or acne scars.
It eliminates dead skin cells, works deep in the skin cell layer, promotes collagen production, smoothes and regenerates skin
In addition, it inhibits the secretion of oil on the skin, so effective in the treatment of acne.
Within 1-2 months after use, the skin may be peeling, after which your skin will become smooth.
Retinoic acid combined with hydroquinone will improve melanin spots more than 80%.
This is superior to conventional cosmetics.
The recommended prescription is based on more than 50,000 previously treated cases at the Eri Clinic Omotesando.

How to use: Apply to the treated area
Discontinue use if have redness or rash after use, resume after 2-3 days
Note that it is possible to pause for some time and continue to use.
※ Due to its nature, the drug may be loose as temperature changes, but do not worry because it does not affect the nature and effect of the drug.

Indications: hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, pores


Hydroquinone(Topical Whitening Treatment) イメージ

Hydroquinone(Topical Whitening Treatment)

The famous ingredients used in skin whitening products in Japan are vitamin C (derivatives), arbutin, kojic acid, ellagic acid … However in the US mainly use hydroquinone.
It has a powerful whitening effect that is known as “change skin color change”, in addition to inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase enzyme that causes melanin production.
The drug is highly effective, so during the treatment can have side effects such as redness, peeling, so you should consult with your doctor.

How to use: Once a day, after cleansing, apply to the skin area you want to treat
Do not let the medicine stick to your eyes.
※ High concentrations of the drug can also be seen in the crystalline state.
Can be mixed with other drugs to use without affecting the quality of the drug.

Indications: skin pigmentation, freckles, uneven skin color, sunburned skin


Koji Acid(Topical Whitening Treatment) イメージ

Koji Acid(Topical Whitening Treatment)

Kojic acid is a skin whitener that has been used since ancient times in Japan.
This was found to be due to the fact that the hands of those exposed to kojic mushrooms in the brewery were white.
Kojic acid inhibits the action of tyrosinase enzyme which is essential for the formation of melanin, which is to inhibit the appearance of pigmentation of the skin
Averagely after 18 months, about 88% of users felt the spots were fading away.

How to use: Apply twice daily to the area of ​​the skin to be treated in the morning and evening after cleansing.
※ High concentrations of the drug can also be seen in the crystalline state.
Can be mixed with other drugs to use without affecting the quality of the drug.

Indications: skin pigmentation, freckles, uneven skin color, sunburned skin


Vitamin K(Topical Whitening Treatment) イメージ

Vitamin K(Topical Whitening Treatment)

Effective in restoring small damaged capillaries , promoting blood circulation, removing dark circles under the eyes.
Effectively whitens dark areas or spots

How to use: 2 times a day, apply to the skin after applying lotion

Indications: dark circles under the eyes, redness, bruises


Estrogen(Female Hormone Support) イメージ

Estrogen(Female Hormone Support)

It is a percutaneous absorption type compound which blends naturally occurring follicle hormone (estrogen) as an active ingredient.
By supplementing female hormones, it improves acne pimples and symptoms peculiar to menopause due to male hormones becoming dominant.
The ingredients will work after being penetrated through the skin so apply only to the inside of the arm rather than the acne area.
Easy to use gel that does not irritate or peel off the skin.

How to use: once a day, apply on soft part of the arm (soft skin) a large amount of about 500 yen coin.
※ Avoid applying to damaged skin. Wash hands thoroughly after using the product.
Indications: acne, menopause


BHA(Home care by Medical Peeling) イメージ

BHA(Home care by Medical Peeling)

This medication is prescribed for home use with a salicylic acid component similar to the BHA exfoliating cream used in the clinic.
The BHA of our institute will dissolve sebum in the pores, deep penetration inside the pores, remove the keratin from deep inside to, help remove acne, blackheads.
Read the instructioncarefully before using for effective home exfoliating.

How to use: Apply once a day to appropriate areas after cleansing.
Pour the chemical solution on the cotton swab and apply it to the acne area, then press it with a dry cotton swab.
Repeat this 3 times.
Then take care of your skin as usual.
※ Because it may cause pigmentation, please observe the dosage and usage, please be careful not to overuse.


Glash Vista(Eyelash serum) イメージ

Glash Vista(Eyelash serum)

Medical eyelash serum formula certified by the Ministry of Health!
For people with thin, short eyelashes

Use daily to have a thick lash of charm!
Glash Vista is the first and only domestic treatment for eyelash hypotrichosis (a medicine for eyelash hypoalgia) that receives manufacturing approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as an ethical drug.
The main ingredient bimatoprost is clinically proven to improve the length, thickness and firmness of the eyelashes.
You will start to realize the effect around after 4 weeks of use, after 16 weeks of use, most customers will feel longer, thicker and stronger lashes.
Recommended for customers with thin, weak or damaged eyelashes
Bimatoprost is a component of eye drops used in the treatment of glaucoma.
From there, the side effect of the drug is to make the eyelashes grow thicker.

※ In order to sustain the effect, it is necessary to continue to use.

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