Lip formation
(Around the mouth)

Lip formation
(Around the mouth)

is an operation that upcurvesthe corner of the mouth and gives a smiley and bright impression.
At our clinic, we will not only change the volume of the lips but also conduct lip design based on your preferences. We believe that the corners of the mouth are what create the general impression for the whole face.Upcurvedmouth corners will bring an elegant and bright first impression.Bysurgery, you can achieve the ideal smiley lips semi-permanently.

Surgical process

  • 1、Check up

    Because the area under the nose and near the nostrils are where stitches are easy to be seen, we will conduct a face examination beforehand so that we can design a sophisticated cut to make sure the surgical traces are less noticeable. Experienced doctor will be in charge of this step.

  • 2、Counseling

    We will listen carefully to your expectations and depending on the physical condition and traits of each customer, we will propose the most suitable surgical plan, ensuring the naturalness of the post-surgical face.

  • 3、Anesthesia – Conduct surgery

    Before the operation, we will perform local anesthetic. The surgery will last about 1 hour.

  • 4、Remove the stitches

    We will perform sutures removal 1 week after surgery. On the day of surgery, if necessary we will cover the incision with gauze.
    From the following day, you can remove the gauze.

  • *Face wash :After the surgery day, please gently wash your face including the surgery area and apply ointment 2 to 3 times a day.
  • *Makeup :You can put make up on right after surgery, but please avoid the surgery area. After removing the stitches, you can put on makeup for the entire face as usual.
  • * Showering, washing hair: You can wash your hair and shower on the same day (do not wash your face this day). From the following day, you can shower and wash your face and hair as usual.
  • *Bathing: You can take a bath 4 days after surgery.

Enhance the corners of the mouth and improve your smile! We will remove a bit of skin at the upper lip near the corners of the mouth area and directly lift the corners of the mouth.

Depending on the design you desire, we will offer surgical methods such as removing only skin or lifting muscles, and we will decide the most suitable surgery through counseling.

  • [Implementation time] 60 minutes
  • [Down time] about 1 week
  • たるみにより下がった口角

    ① The mouth corners are sagging due to sagging skin

  • 口角の皮膚を取り除き縫い縮めます。

    ② Cut off a bit of skin around the corners of your mouth and suture up.

  • 引き上がった魅力的な口角

    ③ The corners of the mouth become more beautiful after being pulled up.

Recommended person

  • Those who worry about their sagging mouth corners
  • Those who want to thicken the lip area at the corners of their mouths
  • Those who worry about their facial expressions being gloomy and always looking tired due to the sagging mouth corners
  • Those who want to have beautiful duck lips
  • Those who want to create a brighter facial impression
  • ※After surgery, when you move your lips for conversation or eating, you may feel discomfort due to the hardness or tightness of the surgery area.
    It will gradually subside as time goes on and once you get used to it, but this state may take 1-2 months.
  • ※After surgery, we will prescribe relievers.
    Although it may cause slight pain or discomfort due to touching the surgery area or changing facial expressions shortly after surgery, it will not significantly affect your daily life.



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