Dr. Eri’s Tesslift Nose (special threads for rhinoplasty)

"Rhinoplasty Threads" to achieve an Ideal Nose without Scalpel!
Dr. Eri's unique technique, based on her extensive clinical experience, enables delicate formation of the nasal apex*.
The effects last on a multi-year level!
※Nose tip

This is a method using super small needle with thread thinner than hair, put under the skin, leaving thread under and just withdraw the needle.

We have now introduced a new thread for nasal augmentation, “Tess Lift Nose,” to our thread lift lineup.

Dr. Eri’s unique technique born from her extensive clinical experience and this “Tesslift Nose” enables the delicate shaping of the nasal tip, which has been said to be difficult to achieve without surgical intervention!

The nose is shaped from three directions (nasal bridge, nasal apex, and nasal septum) to achieve a beautiful nasal form that can be seen from any angle in 360 degrees at a multi-year level.

In addition, the Tesslift nose is a thread made from an absorbent material (PDO) that is also used in cardiac surgery and other procedures.The spiked threads are specially shaped with a 3D mesh covering the surrounding area, and when inserted subcutaneously, the spikes lift the surrounding tissue and intertwine with the 3D mesh to form more three-dimensional, natural-looking lines.

During the treatment, it takes only 10 minutes with little pain.After the procedure, there is virtually no downtime, making it easy to get on with daily life immediately.

●Aftercare and precautions after the procedure
・You can go on with your life as usual immediately after the treatment.

●Progress immediately after treatment / Points to note
・In rare cases, internal bleeding and pain may occur at the injection site immediately after treatment, but will disappear within 4-5 days.


●Dr. Eri, who has extensive experience with tens of thousands of injections, and is known for her aesthetic sense, will perform the procedure herself.
●Natural finish while observing the balance of the entire face.
The ideal beauty of modeling is achieved.
●The risks are minimal because we have established a procedure that minimizes internal bleeding and pain as much as possible.

Illustrative image


By naturally raising the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose is also tightened, giving a more refined impression.



・No surgery required!
By neatly aligning the nasal bridge, nasal bridge, and nasal apex, the center line of the face passes through, forming a remarkably sharp and beautiful facial appearance.


Anesthetic cream applied as needed イメージ
Anesthetic cream applied as needed Apply anesthetic cream to the treatment area and leave it for 15~20 minutes.
Determine facial expressions, etc. イメージ
Determine facial expressions, etc. We will suggest the best nose form to match the balance of your face.
The result is natural and satisfying for each individual.
Injection and design イメージ
Injection and design When the anesthesia has taken effect, a needle with a special thread built in is inserted into the relevant area.
The needle is then removed, leaving only the thread. The procedure takes about 5~30 minutes, depending on the area.
Checking after finishing イメージ
Checking after finishing Customers will check by themselves in the mirror, and get to fine tuned to their liking.
Another advantage of the Dr. Eri-style TESSLIFT NOSE is that the effects can be seen immediately after the treatment.

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