Dr.Eri’s Pico Tattoo & Art Make Removal Laser

Removal of the tattoo that could not have been removed in short time without pain

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Pico laser can handle complex tattoos and tattoos that other lasers cannot handle.
Recommend using with customers who want to remove tattoos without hurting the skin, or want to adjust the tattoo shape as you wish!
Thanks to Dr. Eri’s special technique, we can help you change the shape of your tattoo as you wish.
The Pico laser beams in a surprisingly short time (1 billion percent seconds), shedding small amounts of melanin without damaging the skin.
In addition to removing tattoo patches in a short period of time that conventional laser devices currently cannot do, it also has great effects on skin rejuvenation.

●Duration of treatment
About 5 minutes (varies with location and width of treatment)

●Pain during treatment
Anesthetic tape may be applied to numb the pain, slight stinging of the surface of the skin.

●After treatment
After the irradiation, the affected part will be reddish and will gradually disappear.

●The colors that are treatable
Black,red,yellow,green,blue,light blue

●After treatment
Some redness may occur after treatment and eventually will fade, redness can be treated with medication.

●Number of treatment
About 1 to several sessions. Depends on the size, depth of color, shape, condition of the tattoo.

Sunscreen should be carefully applied .
Plenty of moisturizer.
Do not rub the skin strongly.

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