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Testing and improving hormone balance varies with age

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Hormones are indispensable substances for “immunity”, “metabolism”, “regulation of the body”.
With age, hormonal balance tends to collapse and the amount of hormones decreases.
As a result, we conduct a comprehensive screening of about 60 items including hormone secretion, body nutrition status, internal organs, tumors, etc.
Based on these baseline data, we perform hormone replacement therapy (HRT), hormone balance adjustments that tends to be unbalanced by age, maintaining ideal body states.
At the same time, we provide comprehensive care services, offering “cancer genetic testing,” “cancer screening.”

<Test Sequence>
It takes about 3 weeks from the date the blood is taken to the date of diagnosis of the test report.
① Consulting The director explains and answers a simple question about the test content.
② Blood sampling
③ Check  It takes about 3 weeks to check the nutrition status in the blood.
④ Diagnosis Based on the test results, the director explains the diagnosis.

Recommend some supplements, herbs, hormone balance method suitable for each customer.

◇ During the examination, the director will provide detailed reports and appointments / advice to the client as follows.

<Blood Test Content>
・Image Diagnostics 1 (general visceral examination)
・Screening for cancer (male / female)

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