About Eri Clinic Omotesando

At Eri Clinic Omotesando we always emphasize medical care quality with both internal and external shaping capabilities that refuse any compromise.

There is not one form of beautyThat’s why we respond to the beauty that each person wants with high-level model

This is indispensable in medical aesthetics. It is the perfect beauty that everyone wishes with reliable technology and outstanding aesthetic sense.
Understanding different values of beauty for each person and deriving the best solution from every option while considering lifestyle – Such a high quality “Haute Couture Medicine Practice” is the belief of Eri Clinic Omotesando
In particular, Hyaluronic Acid Injection and Dr. Eri’s Dysport are highly valued by top technology from the experience of more than 150,000 treatments and refined aesthetic eyes. This is the process we are proud of because of its highest return rates in our clinic
With the exquisite shaping capability that helps to change the look and feel of the desired image, we are always aiming for superior beauty.

Without health, beauty can not be perfected.Therefore, we are also interested in the health of the inside to bring a healthy body

An additional strength of a doctor with years of experience in the field of internal medicine is the ability to actively approach not only the outside but also the inside of the body.
Always bear in mind that the essence of beauty must be the harmony between the external beauty and the youthfulness and health within the body.
In addition to promoting the strength of our internal medicine in high quality supplements and aesthetic medicine, we have combined laser and mesotherapy to help address the problem of pigmentation, pores, acne, lose weight.

Always an ally on the side of the customer to solve each problem.

Became beautiful.
That’s not just external concerns

Aspiring to the combination of “Happy anti-aging” between beauty and health has always been a motto that has not changed since I started to choose the path of a doctor.

That is the mindset of providing medical treatments from both the inside and the outside based on the perspective of the customer, to fit and bring the most effective.

Being a doctor as well as a friend who is always on the side of the client is always a guiding principle in my career as a doctor.

I have always believed that “There is no skin that does not improve”.

We would like to explain the treatment process at our hospital to the first time clients.

In addition to cosmetic dermatology counseling, Omotesando Clinic also has doctors with extensive knowledge of gene therapy and regenerative medicine, plastic surgeons and gynecologists with clinical experience.
In addition to cosmetic medicine, we provide medical treatment from a wide perspective which is a medical facility that helps to prolong the healthy life of the community. We aim to be a lifelong partner physician who can listen and resolve any minor customer concerns.

Doctor Eri Katagiri

    Director Doctor Eri Katagiri


    Internal medicine doctor – Anti-aging specialist – Dermatologist
    Director of Eri Clinic Omotesando – Director of Eri Clinic Group

    Eri Katagiri


    Graduating from Teikyo University School of Medicine, she has 10 years of clinical experience as a physician in general and cardiovascular medicine at Toho University Hospital. She majored in dermatology and cosmetic surgery at Tokyo General Hospital and established a comprehensive anti-aging center, she became the director of the clinic chain and served for several years before opening her own clinic in 2001.
    Using her experience in medicine and dermatology, she provides anti-aging procedures both inside and outside the body and has rich clinical experience with more than 150,000 cases.

    • Certificate of professional Hyaluronic Acid injection skill from Garderma Company
    • Certified Doctor can train hyaluronic acid injection technique from Garderma company
    • Certificate of “Expert Guidance” from Allergan Japan 2018
    • Commissioner of Japanese Internal Medicine Association
    • Member of Japan Association of Cosmetic Dermatology
    • Commissioner of Japanese Orthopedic Association
    • Commissioner of Japan Obesity Association
    • Commissioner of Japan Circulatory Society
    • Commissioner of Japan High Blood Pressure Association
    • Commissioner of Japan Anti-Aging Medicine Association
  • Doctor Kazuo Kishi

    Doctor Kazuo Kishi


    Specialist certified by the Japan Society of Plastic Surgery
    Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, Keio University

    Kazuo Kishi


    Plastic surgery in general, breast reconstruction, reconstruction after resection of malignant tumor, external nose reconstruction, nevi / angioma, scar / keloid, Pressure sores / refractory ulcers


    • March 1988 Graduated from Keio University School of Medicine
    • April 1988 Keio University School of Medicine Department of Plastic Surgery, Resident
    • April 1989 Urawa City Hospital (now Saitama City Hospital), Surgeon
    • May 1994 Assistant Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine
    • June 1996 Study abroad at the University of Manchester, UK
    • June 1998 Plastic Surgeon, Saiseikai Central Hospital
    • April 1999 Assistant Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine
    • April 2003 Lecturer, Department of Plastic Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine
    • April 2010 Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine
    • Director, Japanese Society of Wound Surgery / Director, Japanese Society of Laser Medicine
    • Director, Plastic Surgery Society / Director, Japan Society for Simulation Surgery
    • Director, Plastic Surgery Society / Director, Japan Society for Simulation Surgery
    • Japan Society of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery Councilor / Japan Anti-Aging Medicine Council
    • Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine / Japanese Society for Inflammation and Regenerative Medicine
    • Japanese Society for Microsurgery
    • Wound Repair and Regeneration Editorial Board
    • International Wound Journal (Blackwell)  Editorial Advisory Board
  • Dr.落谷孝広

    Adviser doctorTakahiro Ochiya


    Director of the Cancer Metastasis Laboratory, National Cancer Center Research Institute
    Professor of Tokyo Medical University / Osaka University medical doctor

    Takahiro Ochiya


    Medical Doctor Gene therapy, molecular cell therapy

    field of study

    Exosome, nucleic acid drugs, biological imaging, stem cells, regenerative medicine, cell engineering, molecular cancer


    • 1987: Researcher of JSPS
    • 1988: Assistant Professor, Osaka University Cellular Technology Center
    • 1991: La Jolla Cancer Research Institute United States (now Barnham Institute)
    • 1993: Director, Department of Molecular Cancer, National Cancer Center Research Institute
    • 1998: Director, Cancer Metastatic Laboratory, National Cancer Center Research Institute
    • 2012: Director of Theoria Science Co., Ltd.
    • 2018: Professor, Tokyo Medical University, Institute of Medical Science


    • 2000: Nikkei BP Technology Award
    • 2002: Excellent presentation award – The 2nd Japan Association of Revitalizing Medicine
    • 2003: Outstanding presentation award – The 3rd Japan Association of Regenerative Medicine
    • 2006: Original Award – Japan Association of Artificial Bodies
    • 2007: 5th IFAT International Conference Award

    Theoria Science Co., Ltd.

  • Dr.岡部圭介

    DoctorKeisuke Okabe


    Certified by the Japan Society of Cosmetic Surgery, Professional Physicians, and Doctor of Medicine
    Lecturer, Keio University Plastic Surgery Department

    Keisuke Okabe


    General cosmetic surgery, cleft lip and palate, ear canal deformity, scarring / keloid scars, sores, lymphedema, foot care


    • March 2004 Graduated from Keio University Medical School in
    • April 2004 – March 2006: Early-stage clinical research physician, Shizuoka Red Cross Hospital
    • April 2006 – March 2010: Specialist in orthopedics, Keio University School of Medicine
    • April 2010 – March 2014: Assistant Faculty of Cosmetic Surgery at Keio University (Encouraging Research)
    • March 2014 Completed doctoral course at Keio University School of Medicine (Plastic Surgery)
    • April 2014 Assistant Professor, Plastic Surgery Department, Keio University of Medicine
    • April 2016 – now: Lecturer of Cosmetic Surgery Department, Keio Medical University
  • Dr.天野方一

    DoctorHoichi Amano


    Renal specialist / Anti-aging specialist
    Master of Public Health (MPH)

    Hoichi Amano


    Internal medicine (mainly kidney), anti-aging department, regenerative medicine department, occupational disease department


    • March 2010 : Graduated from Saitama Medical University
    • April 2010 : Clinical Research Doctor, Tokyo Women’s College of Medicine, Eastern Medicine Center
    • April 2012 : Tokyo Jikei Medical University Hospital Japanese Red Cross Association, Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital, Kanagawa Shiomidai Provincial Hospital …
    • April 2016 : Master admission at Teikyo University College of Public Health
    • April 2018 : PhD admission at Teikyo University College of Public Health
    • September 2018 : Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


    • 59th Annual Conference of Japan Nephrology Association: Excellent Presentation Award (2016)
    • 22nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Peritoneal Purification Association: Best Poster Award (2016)
    • Teikyo University Graduate School of Public Health 2017 Award (Excellence Award)
  • Dr.天野暁(劉 影)

    Adviser doctorSho Amano(Ryu In)


    The head of pre-medical medical research center in Japan / medical doctor
    Commissioner of Japan Anti-Aging Medicine Association / Former Professor, Center for Food Safety Research, University of Tokyo
    Leading research member of the Japan-US pre-medical medicine project group, Harvard Institute of Community Hygiene

    Sho Amano(Ryu In)


    esearch on the relationship between physical and diet with pre-existing diseases.
    Develop health food research Development of scientific approach research on foodstuff from the same source Research on pre-existing and anti-aging diseases


    • In 1984 After passing the WHO test, she returned to Japan. and became a Doctor of Medicine majoring in Jyuntendo University of Japan
    • 1990 : She was the one who came up with the first “precursor medicine” theory when the Japanese didn’t know the concept.
      So she became “a pioneer of pre-emptive medicine.Currently, she is still dedicating research, training and development of pre-medicine in Japan.

    The latest international treatise on theory

    • Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 5(2015) 88-95 Physical and physiological effectiveness of an overall health care program for middle-aged Japanese women with mild obesity: A pilot study―2015 1月22日
    • Journal of Medicinal Food 2014 Mar;17(3):295-301 Agaricus brasiliensis KA21 improves circulatory functions in spontaneously hypertensive rates―2014 1月26日

    Introduction about Dr.Sho Amano(Ryu In)



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