Ultra Pulse Encore

    CO2 Fractional laser – Improving sagging skin and overall skin quality

Say goodbye to sagging eyelids!
Solving skin problems such as deep wrinkles, big pores etc.

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CO2 laser (carbon dioxide laser) is a laser light with a wavelength of 10.600nm, easily absorbed by water.Therefore, when laser is projected on the skin, the laser light will respond to the moisture in the tissue and produce heat.
The CO2 laser “Ultra Pulse Encore” can perform fractional evaporation with a maximum depth of 3.5 mm by using a fractional handpiece with a spot size of 0.12 mm.
Thanks to the ultra-short pulse width (laser irradiation time), the time for heat transfer to surrounding tissues is short, and heat energy is efficiently delivered to the deep layer of the skin. In addition to improving wrinkles and sagging by utilizing the contraction effect of the skin, it boosts the regeneration and growth of collagen and elastin by the self-renewal ability of the skin, creating firm and smooth skin. By using Ultra Pulse Encore, it is possible to treat eyelid sagging without the need of surgery. It is an effective machine to improve various skin problems such as sagging cheeks and wrinkles, as well as severe acne scars and keloids.

What is Ulta Pulse Encore?

A machine which achieves the deepest depth (up to 3.5 mm) among the existing CO2 lasers!

High-energy irradiation can be performed in a short time, and the removal is done carbonization-free with minimal effect on surrounding tissues. It is also less painful and healing more quickly.

In addition to treating moles, warts, clavus, and keloids and acne, by switching to a fractional handpiece, it can also improve sagging skin, big pores, and deep wrinkles. In addition, Ultra Pulse Encore, which reaches a maximum depth of 3.5 mm, is also suitable for deep acne scars, scar treatment, and external injury treatment.

Fractional Handpiece DeepFX™

Fractional handpiece DeepFX™

DeepFX ™ is a fractional handpiece for ULTRA Pulse ENCORE®.
Irradiation is performed with a diameter of 0.12 mm.
It reaches deep into the dermis and treats deep wrinkles and scars.
Irradiate the inside of the irradiation pattern in a fractional manner.
The irradiation pattern, density, and area can be adjusted.

Fractional handpiece DeepFX™
Irradiation diameter
 0.12mm Reticular dermis

Highly recommended to the following cases:

  • ・I want to improve my sagging eyelids!
  • ・I want to make my eyes look bigger!
  • ・I want to eliminate sagging and fine wrinkles around my eyes!
  • ・I want to lift up my face line!
  • ・I want to improve the roughness of the skin!
  • ・I want to improve acne scars and big pores!

【  Notes regarding after care  】

  • ・Do not put on make up, wash your face or take a bath 24 hours.
  • ・Protect your skin from UV ray.
  • ・Keep supplying moisture to your skin.
  • ・Downtime: 7~10 days.

Right after the treatment:

After treatment, you will experience a heated sensation, mild swelling and redness that feels similar to after a sunburn, but with proper cooling, it will subside.

Post-treatment follow-up

Although there are individual differences depending on the degree of treatment and skin condition, the redness will almost alleviate the next day. You can wash your face and make up after about 24 hours.
After 2 days, punctate scabs will form on the skin, giving it a slightly rough feel, but after about 7 to 10 days it will completely peel off and the skin will gradually regain its brightness and smoothness.

Example images:

  • *Sagging eyes and wrinkles


  • * Improving pigmentation



・Improve eyelid sagging
Lift the eyelid down due to age, making eyes bigger.
・Improves fine lines around the eyes
Leaves skin smooth, smoothes wrinkles and firmens the skin.
・Improves skin quality
Regenerates collagen production, skin rejuvenation, leaving skin smooth.
・Lift the muscles
Tone and lift muscles.
・Improves acne scars
Improved concave scars, chicken pox scars.
・Improve postnatal stretch marks
Improve post-natal stretch marks thanks to Dr. Eri's special laser treatment technique.
・Recommended treatment pace:
Once in 1.5 ~ 2 months (3 times)

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