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Are my diets correct?
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Losing weight or losing weight by unorthodox methods is dangerous!
Special diet regime by fasting will greatly affect health and accelerate aging skin.

In addition, through consultation doctors will grasp eating habits, lifestyle, exercise, habits, etc. and propose optimal diet. We are particularly focused on finding out the cause of obesity in your daily routine.
Depending on the causes of obesity, such as overeating due to work stress, excess fat due to lack of exercise, or fatty tendencies due to eating too much fast food.
Based on the results of the medical examinations, we will advise on diet from the creation of meal plans suitable for each person, combination therapy, exercise therapy, life-enhancing treatment. , and systemic therapies, thereby supporting the scientific weight loss regime.

【Treatment content】

・Treatment by diet
We offer diet advice to bring about a better metabolism to lose weight, reduce the amount of fat in the body from eating too much.
・Mobility treatment
We will advise effective exercise without overwhelming.
Providing supplements helps boost fat metabolism and nutrient uptake.
・Treatment by improving habits
Eliminate bad habits that cause obesity, how to avoid stress, how to maintain weight loss, measures to recover, etc.(If the customer needs:Extra charge)
Treatment with oral medications
Guide to cravings suppressants, drugs that reduce the absorption of fat appropriately to lose weight effectively. (If the customer needs:Extra charge)
GLP-1 injection
Medical weight loss methods can both improve physical fitness and help curb appetite (If the customer needs:Extra charge)

※ Analyzes body composition up to twice a month, including lifestyle counseling


・Weight loss support
Support safe weight loss.
・Reduce fat
Reduce body fat and visceral fat
・Disease prevention
Prevention of diseases related to lifestyle and illness of adults.


Weight loss advice イメージ
Weight loss advice Doctors used the data to analyze and diagnose the cause of obesity.
Guideline for weight loss イメージ
Guideline for weight loss Based on the above, we offer advice on diet, supplements, exercise, lifestyle improvement.
In addition, we will recommend different diets that are effective for dieting including medications.

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