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Clinic in general

Q.Clothing clinic Does Omotesando also provide medical insurance?

Yes. Free medical examination is the basis, but treatment with treatment is also done by insurance. I will not keep you waiting because prescribed drugs are also in-hospital dispensing.

Q.Is insurance applicable to spot treatment?

Except for nevus of ota diseases, unfortunately other diseases are not covered by insurance.

However, even though it seems to be a spot, there are also cases of other diseases such as Kuroko etc. Depending on the condition, insurance will be applied so we recommend first visit.

Q.Is credit card accepted for payment?

Credit and Debit cards can be used for payment.

(Almost all credit cards including AMEX cards, CUPs are supported.)

Q.Can E Special products be used for sensitive skin?

E Special is a line of cosmetics developed and researched by Dr. Eri so that sensitive skin can be used.

So customers with sensitive skin can also use it with peace of mind.

Q.Can men be treated also?

There are many male clients in for treatment, and we also prepare your own room.

Basically we have a complete booking system, so please contact us.

Q.This is the first time I do treatment, can you tell me about the price?

First of all, after the consultation, we will inform you about the treatment and the price according to your skin condition.

In addition, according to your budget, we will recommend the most effective treatments. We only start treatment after the client agrees, so please go to the clinic for a visit.

Q.Can I get treatment even if I am from a far distance?

There are customers coming from far away.

We will arrange visits and treatment content in accordance with the lifestyle of the client, so please talk to us.

Q.I want to buy supplements

There are some supplements that can be bought right away, but there are some types that must be checked before using.

For non-prescribed supplements you can purchase directly from the Bijin Seizo Research Institute’s homepage or the clinic’s front desk.

In the case of food supplements that require medical advice, we can advise and provide after consultation with the director.

Please come to the clinic.

Q.Can I continue to use hydroquinone and retinoic acid all the time? After how long can you feel the effect?

Can be used continuously.

Most effective if used continuously for 2 months.

Skin problems in general

Spot pigmentation

Q.I do not remember going out in the sun, but my skin has developed pigmentation.What are the causes?

Even without obvious sunburn, we are exposed to UV radiation throughout the year.

This seriously affects the skin, so protecting the skin from UV rays (sunscreen etc) is very important; in addition, stress, hormone balance disorders, diet, lack of sleep, aging, etc. also affects the skin.

Q.Do you have a skin type that is easy to stain and a skin type that is hard to do?

It is said that someone who is originally made with many melanin pigments and those with sparrow eggs (sobacus) are more prone to spots.

However, as noted above, there is a big difference depending on daily lifestyle and skin care.

Dark circles eyes

Q.When fatigued, eye bags appear to make the face become older.Are there any remedies?

Those with poor blood circulation will be stagnant in blue-black blood with less oxygen.

Firstly, please keep moisturizing firmly when you cool down to improve blood circulation.

Most people get hyper pigmentation associated with sagging, so please contact us to find out how to improve it.

Excessive massage is strictly prohibited as skin is delicate around the eyes.

Our institute is preparing many different treatments for the area under your eyes, so please refer to specific categories for more details.


Q.I have trouble with acne.I think it is because the skin is dry, so what is the cause actually?

It seems to be due to poor metabolism in the skin.

People who suffer from acne prefer fresh skin care, but if adult acne areas do not get moisturized, it will further lower metabolism and immunity, acne will become difficult to heal, and will repeat

At our clinic, we are doing chemical peeling etc. which raises skin metabolism, light treatment etc for sterilizing acne bacteria etc, so please see the separate page for further details.


Q.Can I treat both my knee and elbow skin?

Many people are treating the same category, and achieving good results.

The treatment will be carried out according to the skin condition of each person, so need to do consultation in advance.

Laser therapy & Phototherapy

Laser hair removal

Q.How long is the treatment?How long does laser exposure last?

Each person will vary, but usually about 5 times every 3-4 weeks following the follicle cycle.

The length of treatment depends on the location, but about 15 minutes on both sides of the skin under the arm

After 3 – 6 times will see the effect.

Q.Can sensitive skin be treated?

Please do not worry because the doctor will consult in advance and adjust the laser output power according to skin condition.

Q.I have a lot of moles, can I use laser hair removal?

We will cover the moles and do hair removal parts as usual.

Q.Can laser hair removal have permanent result?

The concept of permanent hair removal means that the number of hairs is less than 20%.

Depending on each person and depending on the different locations of the hair, but once the hair has stopped growing once it will never grow again.

Q.Hair removal cost at salon is usually cheaper, what is the difference?

Laser hair removal, first of all different at the energy level.

In addition to being able to ensure effective removal of hairs quickly, under the supervision of a physician, risks such as skin problems are minimized and post-treatment care is perfect.

In addition, it is sometimes not effective in a short period of time in Esthetic Salon, so it takes a long time as a result, and there are not a few cases where prices are higher than clinics, so be careful.

Q.What should I do before laser hair removal?Can I drink after hair removal?

If you plug the hair before treatment, the laser will be difficult to work, so shave before treatment.

After hair removal does not affect or interfere with everyday life.

(Our Institute performs shave / hair removal carefully before the hair removal treatment.)

In addition, we do careful cooling when the hair is removed, so do not worry about skin redness, skin inflammation after the treatment, so you can drink alcohol. Only in rare cases of dermatitis should you limit the intake of alcohol.

Q.What is the cost of facial hair removal?

First of all, we will check the health to determine the extent and number of times of hair removal.

The cost can be negotiated so please consult first.

Questions about laser in general

Q.I want to avoid pain during treatment, is treatment painful?Also, are there any harmful side effects?

There are differences depending on the type of laser, and depending on the person will feel different levels of pain.

There are people who just feel a slight pain even with laser discoloration, but for the more sensitive ones, we have an anesthetic bandage for pain relief and a cooler for laser treatment to minimize the pain, so rest assured.

After laser irradiation, pigmentation after inflammation may remain, but there is nothing like side effects.

Here we will advise and explain exactly the risks of treatment, so please consult your doctor.

Hyaluronic acid injection

Q.I heard that injecting hyaluronic acid on the face is very painful ....

The pain tolerance of each person varies, we paste the anesthetic tape prior to injection so that it is almost painless to inject.

Some clients may be injected without anesthesia.

In addition, our special injection are rated “less painful” than those offered by other institutions.

Q.Is there any bruise?

The hyaluronic acid injection in our hospital is done by the director, the unique injection technique and the doctor’s delicate eye make it easy to minimize the needle scratches, reducing the risk of hemorrhaging under the skin but still bring significant effects.

The customers are very satisfied with the results of natural beauty.

After treatment can make up and leave immediately.

Q.How long is the treatment?How long is the treatment?Can it be fixed?

We will decompose and correct the injected hyaluronic acid using special medicine.

This treatment returns to the state before injection.

In addition, we can also edit the uneven sections according to customer requirements.

Injecting hyaluronic acid is a treatment that depends on the experience and feelings of the doctor, so we advise our clients to carefully select the appropriate clinic.

At our clinic, Dr. Eri, with her unique technique and refined aesthetic eye, carefully scrutinizes the facial contour of clients, from which point of injection, depth, dosage, fine adjustment and care after careful preparation to meet the ideal image in accordance with the wishes of each customer.

Dysport injection

Q. When I put Dysport around my eyes in other clinics, my upper eyelid fell heavily and I had to look down.

This will happen if you are mistakenly injected with the necessary muscles for facial movements.

For Dysport injection the most important is careful injection by a doctor who is familiar with the function of muscles in anatomy.

In our clinic, the doctor carefully observes the condition of the muscles to adjust the position and dosage of the injection, while observing the facial balance and dividing into two or three injections.

So such risks are very small, and almost impossible

If you experience problems such as collapses or other musculoskeletal pain due to injection of dysport at other institutions, please contact us immediately.

Q.I'm suffering from over sweating.

You can eliminate sweating and body odor problems by suppressing active sweat glands by injecting Dysport.

Furthermore, by combining with medical laser hair depilation, the amount of sweat and bacteria breeding are reduced, and the smell and yellow tint can be suppressed.

No need to worry about scarring or swelling. The effect lasts about half a year.

Q.I heard it also works to tighten the calf and face ....

Dysport injection is famous as a treatment for facial expression wrinkle, but it is also possible to obtain other beauty effects such as smaller face and thinner calves.

When injected into the angle of the jaw, it regulates the activity of the over-developed muscle groups, from which the face gradually slims and tightens.

In case of injection of Dysport into the calf, over two weeks will feel the effect of slim calves.

This is a very effective slimming treatment in just a short time, enjoyed by many people.

Q.What is the price of the injection?

The injection dosage varies depending on the condition and needs of the client, the director will explain in detail the condition of the skin directly during the consultation.

We will do the treatment after reaching a budget agreement with the client.

Please do not worry, come and talk to us.

Mesotherapy according to Dr. Eri's method (fat meso)

Q.How many times will it take effect?

Depending on the person, there are differences, but the most effective interval is 3 times every 1 to 2 weeks.

Most cases completed in 3 times.

(When the desired effect can not be achieved, more than 3 times can be done)

All the procedures are conducted by the director, who then gives advice on how to care after treatment.

Q.Is there pain after treatment?If so, what should I do?

Depending on the individual, some people have mild muscle pain.

If massage immediately after the injection, the pain will reduce.

Q.Can cooling be done after liposuction?How long can it be effective after treatment?

Can be cooled after injection.

After treatment, can feel the effects after 3 weeks to 4 weeks.

Chemical peeling

Q.What is the acid used in chemical peeling?

There are two types of acids used for exfoliating in our institute, in which lactic acid is called AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) used in chemical exfoliating.

On the other hand, BHA salicylic acid (hydroxy beta acid) is used in BHA exfoliating.

BHA’s exfoliation in our institute has a strong melting effect on the depth of the skin, so it is suitable for the treatment of persistent acne scars, hard epidermis such as elbows, knees and heels.

Q.What should I bring on the day of chemical exfoliating?Should I wear makeup or not?

Chemical exfoliation at our clinic does not cause redness or skin damage, so makeup can be applied immediately after the procedure.

After treatment should take good care of skin and wear sun protection thoroughly so the customers want to wear makeup can bring makeup stuff themselves.

Q.Is it possible to do chemical peeling while menstruation or pregnancy?

It is possible.

However, for ion treatment performed in combination with chemical exfoliating, we will follow a special method to not affect pregnant women.

Q.What's the difference with chemical peeling at other beauty salons?

Beauty salons are not medical facilities and should not be allowed to use drugs for high therapeutic effectiveness.

We recommend that you choose a clinic where you can perform an exfoliating treatment with a medicine that is suitable for your skin condition.

Q.Can all skin problems due to different causes be treated after only one chemical exfoliating treatment?

We will treat the condition of the skin after the examination.

Q.My skin is weak, is it okay?

We will treat the condition of the skin after the examination.

Q.Is peeling effective even once?

Depending on the purpose of treatment, but done 5-6 times, each 2-3 weeks apart will achieve the ideal effect.

However, once done well, the skin becomes more smooth.

Injection of placenta

Q.What is Placenta?

It means placenta.

Our institute uses the most reliable placenta in the medical field.

Q.Is there a hormone in the placenta?

Does not contain hormones, but contains growth factors that enhance metabolism.

Q.Are materials really safe?

Safety is ensured for viruses that can be checked at this stage.

Q.How often should I inject?

Depending on the individual, should inject 1 -2 times/week to achieve the ideal effect.

Q.What is the difference between placenta subcutaneous injection and IV drip?

It depends on whether or not it is in the blood vessel and the injection volume.

Beauty IV Drip

Q.I am undergoing treatment for diabetes, is it safe to receive intravenous drip?

No problem, but please consult with the director.

Supplements, oral medications

Laennec PO Placenta

Q.How can I purchase?

If it is supplement that needs to be prescribed by a doctor, consult your doctor first (first consultation / medical fee ¥ 5,000 before tax), then you can buy.

Can be consulted by phone.

If you would like to make an appointment please contact the clinic.



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