Placenta Injection

Recommended when the body is in fatigue, skin condition is unstable

The placenta helps to provide adequate nutrition for the baby to develop comprehensively in the womb.
The placental extract contains a variety of amino acids, cell growth factors, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc., and supports essential human functions such as autonomic nervous system, antioxidant, metabolism .
Contraceptive stimulation helps promote blood circulation, which makes it possible to feel the effects of fatigue recovery immediately.
Recommended when the body feels tired, skin condition is not good …
This method also helps to combat aging effectively to keep youth.

<IV Drip Option>
Can choose your favorite option.Synergistic effect can be obtained by choosing the option according to symptoms.
Placenta / Garlic / Anti-aging / Skin Whitening / Vitamin C / B vitamins / Weight loss / Skin Beauty / Hangover / Detoxification
※Detox IV Drip is not in the Option list


・Injection of placenta
Rejuvenates the skin, smoothing the skin from inside.
Preserve youth by removing free radicals and promoting blood circulation.
Hormonal adjustments, enhanced liver function, improve the disease of modern busy women through the effect of anti-fatigue, anti-stress, overcome poor physical condition, sleep disorders.
Restores energy when tired.
Activation of immunity, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, improve asthma conditions.
Improving menopause by regulating the autonomic nervous system.

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