Blood ozone therapy

Blood ozone therapy

Efforts by each country to combat COVID-19

Many reports explaining the effects of Ozone therapy as a technique in COVID-19 prevention are being released.
For more details please refer to the sites below:

~Ozone therapy article list~
●Spain:A report of successful treatment of new coronavirus (COVID-19) by ozone therapy.
●China:A case study on Ozone Therapy (Paper)
●America:A positive trial of ozone utility for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is scheduled to begin in Spain.

※Updated by August 27th, 2020

The blood is smoothed by the power of ozone.

“Blood ozone therapy” is a combination of collected blood from patients with ozone. By returning the ozonated blood to the body it enhances the immunity of red blood cells creating smooth blood.

Time of treatment is about 30 minutes. The entire process is performed inside a special bottle so it is not exposed with the air outside. You can receive treatment in safe hands.

Blood ozone therapy

It is not known in Japan, but in Europe it has been established and recognized by many doctors. In recent years, ozone therapy has been carried out in many countries, such as North America and Asia for anti-aging, arteriosclerotic diseases, musculoskeletal diseases such as joints and muscles, and cancer treatment. In Germany, this treatment is allowed by insurance, and in the UK, it is a trusted treatment that is adopted by the royal family.

Flow of blood ozone therapy

Flow of blood ozone therapy
  • Doctor’s examination

    Doctor will carefully examine your current physical condition and medical history.
    * Depending on the results of the doctor’s examination, you may not be able to receive an infusion.

  • Blood collection in a special bottle

    100cc of blood is collected. Blood will be dark as it is venous blood.

  • Injecting medical ozone

    Mix medical ozone with blood.

  • Bring blood back into the body

    Blood containing oxygen mixed with medical ozone is returned to the body by infusion.

For those who wish improvement in such issues

  • Improve the pain of the shoulder and neck
  • Improve blood viscosity
  • Improve menstrual pain and swelling of legs
  • Normalize cholesterol

Feedback from clients

  • Feeling warmness in the limbs, coldness eased
  • Sleep better
  • Harder to catch a cold
  • Improvement in chronic fatigue
  • Reduced shoulder stiffness and back pain
  • Improvement in Chronic headaches
  • Lightness in swelling legs

* Personal feelings.

  • Those with hyperthyroidism and G6PD deficiency cannot receive” blood ozone therapy “.



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