Philtrum shortening surgery
(Around the mouth)

Philtrum shortening surgery
(Around the mouth)

“Philtrum shortening surgery (Lip Lift) “is a surgery that shortens the distance between the nose and the upper lip by shortening the under nose (philtrum) area. The length of the under nose area will be adjusted based on your face and your preferences.
This surgery is recommended for those who have a long philtrum, or those those whose skin underneath their nose has stretched due to sagging of the orbicularis muscle around the mouth.


Adjusting facial symmetry

A symmetrical face is a face with the length of philtrum and chin at a ratio of 1:2. Removing a small amount of skin under the nose will not only remove the sagging skin and overcome appearance inferiority complex, but also enhance the entire area under the nose, helping the face become balanced from all angles.

Surgical process

  • 1、Check up

    Because the area under the nose and near the nostrils are where stitches are easy to be seen, we will conduct a face examination beforehand so that we can design a sophisticated cut to make sure the surgical traces are less noticeable. Experienced doctor will be in charge of this step.

  • 2、Counseling

    We will listen carefully to your expectations and depending on the physical condition and traits of each customer, we will propose the most suitable surgical plan, ensuring the naturalness of the post-surgical face.

  • 3、Anesthesia – Conduct surgery

    Before the operation, we will perform local anesthetic. The surgery will last about 1 hour.

  • 4、Remove the stitches

    We will perform sutures removal 1 week after surgery. On the day of surgery, if necessary we will cover the incision with gauze. From the following day, you can remove the gauze.

  • *Face wash :After the surgery day, please gently wash your face including the surgery area and apply ointment 2 to 3 times a day.
  • * Makeup :You can put make up on right after surgery, but please avoid the surgery area. After removing the stitches, you can put on makeup for the entire face as usual.
  • * Showering, washing hair: You can wash your hair and shower on the same day (do not wash your face this day). From the following day, you can shower and wash your face and hair as usual.
  • * Bathing: You can take a bath 4 days after surgery.

A surgical procedure involves making a small incision in the natural muscles of the nose wings, upper lip and cheeks to pull the orbicularis muscle toward the bottom of the nasal septum.

Cosmetic surgery for customers who want to shorten their philtrum. By removing the skin, the length of the philtrum will be shortened, while the upper lip will be pulled up and become fuller, making the face more youthful and full of vitality. Even young people can make their faces more clean-shaven by shortening their philtrums.

The surgical trace will lie along the contour of the nose but will most likely be very faint. For customers whose skin might be easy to have scars, after check up and during counselling session we may advise you not to undergo this surgery.
During surgery, we will remove a bit of the skin in the philtrum so that we can stitch the area around nose wings, nostrils and nose wall.

The philtrum is a vertical indentation in the middle area between the upper lip and under nose.

  • [Implementation time] 60 minutes
  • [Down time] about 1 week

Recommended person

  • Long philtrum, thin upper lip
  • Want to shorten the philtrum and make the upper lip fuller
  • ※The drawback of this surgery is that the postoperative cutting mark will not disappear completely. There are also cases where the scar becomes harder after a while.

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Philtrum shortening surgery

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