BHA Peeling

Clearing stubborn blackheads, uneven colored skin, and even dry heels!

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Exfoliating BHA (Hydroxy Acid Beta) effectively exfoliates the excess skin keratin over exfoliating fruit acids.
Often referred to as salicylic acid, AHA works on the skin’s keratin, while BHA lipids dissolve the sebum that is trapped in the pores and is effective in clearing out acne. Stubborn black head or uneven skin due to acne scars.
This method helps tighten the skin and tighten pores, after treatment can see the skin peeling lightly for several days without worrying about skin rash or burning.
Not only does it have effect on acne and big pores, but it also removes stubborn keratin on the heel, which is recommended for all skin areas.

・Iontophoresis Vitamin C(Whole face)

【Effective when combined】
Iontophoresis Vitamin C(Whole face)


This method not only works on acne and pores, but also effectively removes the excess keratin, which is considered to be a gentle skin treatment.
Dr.Eri's method effectively removes the excess keratin, leaving no irritation on the skin after treatment.

Illustrative image


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・Improved skin effect
Improves the skin, blows off pores that results in uneven skin.
・Remove blackheads
Remove blackheads and pores
・Remove dead cells
Fights dead cells that accumulate around the pores and deep within the pores.

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