Dr.Eri’s Mesotherapy Lift Up Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection"

Launches 4 categories of muscle lift Meso to improve sagging areas!

Dr.Eri’s Mesotherapy Lift Up Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection" イメージ

For “sagging areas” that can not be overcome by conventional methods, Dr. Eri has researched and published four different categories of muscle lift meso
Depending on the cause, there are various sagging treatments.
Dr. Eri’s methods include:

1 Facial Lift: Improves the health of aging skin due to dryness and age in a holistic way.

2 Facial Lift EX: Restores weak skin from inside.

3 Face Line Lift: tighten the skin, slimming the sagging of facial line.

4 Skin and scalp lift: promote collagen production thoroughly, restore skin from the root

Here are four treatment methods that are suitable for all types of sagging skin.
In addition, Dr Eri’s method of lifting the muscles not only solves sagging skin but also improves wrinkles, pores, acne scars.
This is a list we confidently introduce after years of dermatological research.

●Facial Lift
This is an all-purpose Mesotherapy that improves the health of the skin that has been sagged over the entire face.

The standard Mesotherapy method addresses problems caused by dermatological conditions such as wrinkles, enlarged pores, dull skin…takes care of skin and gives a smooth feel to the entire skin surface.
Dr.Eri’s well-selected meshes not only include water supplements, skin moisturizers and high levels of vitamin antioxidants, but also DNA and growth factors * help regenerate skin cells. By injecting directly into the inner layer of skin, it will promote skin growth, bringing a whole new skin to you.
This is a comprehensive skin care treatment recommended for those customers who are starting to feel their skin is sagging,
Customers who want to preserve skin protection, or who want to try the Mesotherapy method.
Dr. Eric’s unique injection method, Napaju **, minimizes the impact of needles and pain control when injected, so first-time customers can be assured of a complete peace of mind. .

Indication: Wrinkles caused by dry skin, sagging skin, large pores.

※Growth factor:It is indispensable for skin regeneration, providing healthy skin.
This is a protein that promotes cell growth and differentiation, including growth factors such as insulin growth, endothelial growth, growth of fibroblasts to promote endothelial growth. Collagen formation in the dermis, considered as a regenerative treatment technology is widely used in the latest beauty field.
The growth factor used in our clinic is only used in medicine so it is perfectly safe for allergy.

※The method uses very small needles, putting active ingredients from the epidermis into the dermis.
Like injecting hyaluronic acid, it is not only concentrated in one area but also extends into the surrounding area, characterized by insignificant pain.

●Face Lift EX
Effectively replenishes naturally, soothes sagging skin and pores!

Face Lift EX is a small molecular injection of hyaluronic acid, as used in mesotherapy, as it effectively replenishes the skin from within, and is used on sensitive skin, especially around the eye area, or parts that appear wrinkles due to dry skin or sagging skin.
Hyaluronic Acid has a medium viscosity that lifts the skin naturally and improves elasticity, so it can also remove dark circles and wrinkles.
It also helps to tighten the pores by slimming concentrated area of ​​the cheeks, bringing smooth skin with no trace of pores!
Combined with Hair Growth Meso highly effective in firming the scalp, this method effectively lifts the muscles across the face.
Hyaluronic acid has long lasting moisture and is one of the advantages of this method.

Indication:Wrinkles caused by thin skin, weak skin, large pores.

●Raise the outline of the face
Effectively stretches the surface of the skin, increasing the density of the skin, firming the face contour.

For dull skin due to loss of elasticity due to gravity, we use DMAE injection and a powerful antioxidant that effectively firms the muscles.
As the name implies, it has the effect of slimming the face contour!
This ingredient is also used to improve postpartum cracks, tighten collagen fibers, stretch the skin, restore
elasticity, bringing the curve as sharp as expected.
The effect of stretching, not only eliminates wrinkles and enlarged pores, but also maintains long-lasting effect in slimming face when combined with Meso Lypolisis

Indication:Not firm facial contour

●Raise skin and scalp
The method of lifting the muscle from the inside of the skin, with more than 150 kinds of growth factors!

A skin revitalization program from the underlying approach attacking the slack from the deep part of the skin.
The injectable combination contains more than 150 types of skin regeneration factors and growth factors derived from stem cells derived from adipose tissue, which promotes collagen production and cell activation.
Dr. Eri’s special approach promotes a higher lifting effect by injecting the entire face to the scalp.
Also, since the skin is reconstructed from inside the skin, it approaches not only sagging but also a wide range of skin problems such as wrinkles, acne and acne scars
Also whitening effect by inhibiting 50% of melanin production.
Immediately after treatment can feel the skin smooth, after 3 days of treatment can see the skin becomes firmer.
This is a high-end treatment that aims to both lift the muscle and restore the skin.

Indication:Wrinkles, sagging skin from root, pores, acne, acne scars

※Stem cells:It is the stem cell of all cells, which in itself can divide into new or transformed cells, dividing into other cells.
In recent years, large numbers of stem cells have been found to be abundant in adipose tissue, and are widely used in regenerative medicine.


Our institute's unique Mesotherapy approach is highly valued for its superior injection technique.
By injecting directly the mixture of nutrients into the skin, mesotherapy can improve wrinkles, sagging skin, pores, acne scars and stimulate hair growth.
The stimulation of the needle also stimulates collagen production.
Thanks to Dr. Eric's special injection technique, this method minimizes the risk of pain and bleeding.

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・Sagging improvement
Affects the root cause of sagging and wrinkles, stimulates collagen production and lifts skin from within!
Reduce large pores or sagging pores and puffiness.

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