Immune function test (qualification test)

Immune function test (qualification test)

Better understand about your immunocompetency through blood tests
Understand your immune system for a better health management!

Immunity is the ability to prevent infectious diseases, prevent the development and progression of diseases and cancers, as well as repel stress.

To maintain good health, maintaining high immunity is essential. Therefore, it is important to understand your own immunity, and to have a high awareness of immunity care and maintenance.

Immune function test will digitalize your current immunity condition based on scientific information obtained from blood test. While viewing the results, Dr. Eri Katagiri as an advisor will give you the advice needed to maintain your personal health.


What is immunity?

Immunity is the ability to protect the body from various diseases such as infections (bacteria, mold and viruses) and cancer. The immune system is composed of many cells with many different roles.
These cells work together to develop a shield to thoroughly protect our bodies.

The causes for a weakened immune system

The immune system often declines due to age, stress and an imbalanced lifestyle. In addition, illness and medical treatment are another reason for the weakening of the immune system.
It is said that changes in the immune system usually occur with age, first reaching its peak in adolescence and then starting to decline from the age of 20, dropping to 50% in the 40s and to 10% in the 70s.

The degree of decline varies from person to person, so it’s important to have a specific test to know correctly your current level of immunity.


How is Immune Function Test implemented?

Immune function test involves taking a small amount of blood to research and analyze the type, rate, function, etc. of lymphocytes from section 3 to section 10. Each test result will be evaluated through 3 levels with the total score divided into 5 levels to assess immunity.

In addition, this test has the ability to estimate the age of your immune system. Based on the measured values, we will give you advice on how to maintain optimal health.


Example reference test results

Our test is highly recommended for those who share the same thoughts/worries mentioned above!

  • ・I want to boost my immune system!
  • ・I want to better understand my current immune system!
  • ・ I want to get advice from a doctor so I can maintain my health!


  • ・Giving specific advice on how to stay healthy
  • ・Supporting to enhance and maintain the immune system
  • ・iving advice on supplements and Chinese herbal medicines



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