Dr. Eri-style Mesotherapy・Chanel Injection

New mesotherapy to plump up your skin and improve wrinkles and sagging!

Dr. Eri-style Mesotherapy・Chanel Injection イメージ

Instead of relaxing your facial expression wrinkle with BOTOX, we directly inject active ingredients that are highly effective in skin regeneration to make the skin firmer and improve wrinkles!

Also known as Chanel injections, these injections contain a wealth of active ingredients, including 12 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 6 coenzymes, 5 nucleotides, 6 minerals, and 6 other antioxidant ingredients, in addition to highly concentrated hyaluronic acid.

Compared to other medications, this is a very luxurious formulation that targets the regeneration of beautiful skin.

It has a high skin rejuvenation effect, restoring elasticity and luster lost with age, and leads to a fresh skin texture.

Especially for those showing signs of age-related decline!


It is possible to inject finely and delicately while checking the elasticity according to the location of the face!
〇 Compared to general water light injections and mesogan injections, more detailed and tailor-made treatment to the area is possible.
〇The areas most likely to show signs of age, such as the fine lines under the eyes, the neck wrinkles, and the back of the hands, can be treated with confidence, even in areas prone to internal bleeding.

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Meso・ Chanel Injection photo


・ Skin recovery
Skin that is wrinkled and dull will look fresh, firm, and moisturized!
・wrinkle・sagging skin
Improvement of areas that are difficult to be treated with cosmetic surgery, such as the corners of the eyes, neck wrinkles, and the backs of the hands ︕
I want to nurture the strength of my skin as a whole and achieve trouble-free beautiful skin!

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