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First Time Visitors

For first time customers who come to receive aesthetic treatment, we are pleased to explain the process from appointment to treatment as follows.
At Eri Clinic, Director Eri Katagiri will directly counsel clients and provide the most appropriate treatment guidelines in the treatment portfolio.
Thoroughly discuss with customers about the process before treatment
The director is not only knowledgeable about dermatological skin care, but also has a great deal of experience in the field, so feel free to talk to us not only about your skin but also your health.

※ We also conduct various insurance medical examination.

  • 1 Book appointment

    First let us know your appropriate time by phone.
    【For first time clients: TEL: 03-5786-0666】
    Also, please do not hesitate to consult us with any questions such as
    “I do not know what kind of treatment should be taken” or “How much pain is there?”

  • 2 Clinic visit

    Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule so we can guide you in detail.
    Go up to the 4th floor and press the bell.

  • 3 Reception reservation

    At reception, our staff will guide you through the next steps.

    ※ Please bring your health insurance card.

  • 4 Fill in the registration form

    In the meantime please fill out the questionnaire.

  • 5 Counselling

    Director Eri Katagiri will examine and counsel skin and health issues for clients.
    We will thoroughly explain the problem, treatment methods, risk of the treatment,
    based on the lifestyle of our customers we will offer a variety of treatments.

    ※ We have our own counseling process, so no need to worry about having to do it.
    See details here

  • 6 Preparation for treatment

    After consulting and deciding on the content,
    please move to the dressing room and make-up removal.
    Depending on the treatment, anesthetic tape may be applied to relieve pain,
    in which case it will take a while for the tape to be activated.

    Depending on the treatment content,
    there is the need or no need to remove makeup.

  • 7 Start treatment

    After preparation, treatment will begin.
    Dr. Eri’s approach is to bring natural beauty through careful observation
    of facial expressions before treatment.
    In addition, this method helps minimize bruising or down time,
    after treatment almost no problem to worry.
    ※ Hyaluronic acid injection example

  • 8 End of treatment

    Clients change their clothes and make up in the private room,
    pay at the front desk, pick up the medicine and schedule a treatment later.
    Payment can be made in cash as well as other payment cards.

For detailed treatment please refer to “Treatments Menu”



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