Dr.Eri’s Mesotherapy Whitening Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection"

Birthof popular Meso Whitening!

Dr.Eri’s Mesotherapy Whitening Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection" イメージ

The method of whitening has been praised to make the spots fade, to reduce the pigmentation …, has been renewed into Meso whitening!
Meso Whitening is developed by Dr.Eri based on years of research that helps with all types of hyperpigmentation, which is a special method of using a suitable injectable blend for pigments after research in detail.
Ingredients combine whitening, anti-hyperpigmentation and freckles, both contains high-vitamin C antioxidants, Transamin has the effect for melasma, so can improve all types of dark circles.
In addition, Dr. Eric’s method of putting the substance deep into the pigmented pigmented skin, which inhibits the production of melanin, helps you to feel effectively with the naked eye. It not only removes uneven skin and dark areas of skin but also
stimulates collagen production and increases elasticity of the skin, so you can feel skin soft mooth white looking from any angle

Indication:Hyperpigmentation, pigmentation


Our institute's unique Mesotherapy approach is highly valued for its superior injection technique.
By injecting directly the mixture of nutrients into the skin, meso injection can improve wrinkles, sagging skin, pores, acne scars and stimulate hair growth.
The stimulation of the needle also stimulates collagen production.
Thanks to Dr. Eric's special injection technique, this method minimizes the risk of pain and bleeding.

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Meso Whitening Photo


Inject directly the whitening ingredients, improve pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes.


・Improve skin pigmentation
Direct injection of whitening ingredients, improves the pigmentation.
Enhances the whiteness of the entire face.

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