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BBX (appetite suppression)<br />
【30 tablets】 イメージ

BBX (appetite suppression)
【30 tablets】

Supplements help weight loss, suppresses stress hormones that cause obesity.
Reduce about 50% of calorie intake!

They have the effect of detoxifying and toning the body!
Cortisol is called stress hormone, which increases the regulation of stress, nervousness, memory loss and appetite.
When the cortisol value increases due to excessive stress such as work pressure and unreasonable diet, it accumulates abdominal fat / visceral fat, and it becomes easily fat due to stress
Thus, we can easily limit the appetite if we can control the excretion of cortisol in the body.
By extracting white beans, extracting seaweed, extracting cactus Opuntia-ficus-indica, the product can prevent fat absorption before the fat accumulates, and reduce excess calories.
This product is especially suitable for those with poor metabolism, stress or those who overeat.
In addition, it is also effective to prevent rebound after dieting.
Directions: Use 1 to 2 capsules daily, after breakfast or lunch or both meals.

※Diarrhea, feeling of collapse, etc. may occur in the early stage of taking
If the condition persists, discontinue use and seek medical advice.


Pantogar【90 tablets】 イメージ

Pantogar【90 tablets】

The world’s first hair loss treatment is recognized for its high efficacy and safety with the ability to improve thinning hair and stimulate hair growth.

The world’s first hair loss treatment is recognized for its high efficacy and safety with the ability to improve thinning hair, hair loss due to diffuse alopecia, postpartum alopecia, and promoting hair growth effectively.

This product contains essential nutrients for the structure of the hair, improving the condition of hair in women such as amino acids, proteins, vitamin B… help stimulate hair growth and nourish the hair, promoting hair growth by stimulating metabolism, stimulating growth of damaged hair due to ultraviolet rays, or thinning hair, which is less elastic due to age and stress.

A clinical trial has shown significant improvement in hair quality. Among people who use the product for about 3 months, 70% report that their hair loss situation has decreased, 20% report that their hair loss is almost gone.
This product also works to improve thin and brittle nails.
Since there is no side effect report so far and its safety is high, it can be used continuously and for long term.
Directions for use: 1 day 3 tablets (1 tablet after breakfast, lunch, afternoon), drink with water.
Should be used daily for healthy immune system, good intestinal tract and help maintain a healthy body.

※ What is diffuse hair loss?
Common in women, the symptoms are hair loss throughout the scalp irrespective of age.
Psychological causes such as fatigue and stress and physical causes such as anemia and malnutrition, excessive weight loss, alcoholism …



Xenical (fat absorption drug)【1 pill】 イメージ

Xenical (fat absorption drug)【1 pill】

Destroys all the fat for years!
Prevent excessive calorie intake!

A pill designed to prevent obesity, regulate diets licensed by the FDA (Food Administration Department)
It does not directly affect the brain or nervous system, but acts on enzymes that help break down fat and prevent the absorption of fatty substances in the body but does not cause harm.
Approximately 30% of the fat absorbed in the meal will be excreted out so it can prevent high calorie intake.
At the same time, almost 99% xenical ingredients will also be excreted without causing side effects.

※ Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, and those with chronic poor absorption.

Directions: Take one tablet at a time from before meals to after meals.
Indications: Suitable for people who eat too much easily leading to obesity.


DHEA (Stress Relief)【60 tablets】 イメージ

DHEA (Stress Relief)【60 tablets】

Supplement that helps to absorb DHEA hormone the most in the body.
Helps boost the immune system while fighting stress hormones.
Reduce premenopausal symptoms caused by the effects of autonomic nerve.
This is a natural ingredient extracted from Taro so customers can be assured when using the drug.

※ People over 40 do not need DHEA.
Pregnant women and lactating women should consult your doctor before use!

 Directions for use: 1 tablet a day for breakfast.
Indications: Helps to relax, relieve symptoms of menopause.


Melatonin PR (Hormone in the body to help you fall asleep)【60 tablets】 イメージ

Melatonin PR (Hormone in the body to help you fall asleep)【60 tablets】

It is a supplement that supports lack of secretion of melatonin known as sleep hormone that brings about a natural sleep.
Melatonin is a hormone produced in the body and this hormone will decline with age and stress.
This product helps replenish the lack of melatonin and put the body into the right trajectory, reducing stress to help you sleep comfortably.
Since this is not a sleeping pill, there is no need to worry about side effects.

Directions: Take 1 capsule (depending on person) with cold water or warm water 30 minutes before bedtime.


Laennec Placenta PO (Human placental extract)【100 tablets】 イメージ

Laennec Placenta PO (Human placental extract)【100 tablets】

The product contains important components that are indispensable for the formation and development of the fetus, the nutrients in the placenta of people.
Helps to improve the disorder, stress, and insomnia of many busy women in modern society thanks to the effect of hormonal adjustment, liver function effect, anti stress, anti fatigue.
Effectively removes oxidation, promotes blood circulation, rejuvenates the skin.
It also regulates the nervous system, reducing the symptoms of menopause.

Directions for use: 2-3 capsules daily.
Indication: Improve wrinkles, freckles, prevent acne, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, allergic dermatitis, back pain, neck pain relief, menopause.


Skin whitening drug  set (for hyperpigmented skin types)【Dosage for 1 month】 イメージ

Skin whitening drug set (for hyperpigmented skin types)【Dosage for 1 month】

It is an internal medicine set for skin whitening targeting various spot types such as senile pigment spots and post-inflammatory pigmentation, liver spots.
More effective when combined with laser treatment and oral medication.
Let’s whiten the skin right from the inside!

・Vitamin C
Vitamin C with a combination of ascorbic acid and calcium pantothenate.
Suppresses and reduces the overproduction of melanin pigment, reduces the melanin pigmentation that has formed.
Support collagen production.
・Tranexamic acid
Transamin is also effective for persistent liver spots involving hormones.
Suppresses the activity of the transmission that produce melanin and prevents the production of melanin in freckles.
A drug that has a detoxifying effect, is used to improve liver function and anti-allergy.
Thanks to its powerful antioxidant effects, this product can prevent the production of melanin pigment, eliminate melanin on the body.
Directions: 1 day 2 times, 1 tablet each time, after breakfast and dinner.
Indications: hyperpigmentation spots (liver spots, senile pigment spots, post-inflammatory pigmentation)


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