Dr.Eri’s Hyaluronic Acid Injection(Bust Design)

No bleeding, no pain, no sequelae after surgery, Dr. Eric's therapies only need to inject hyaluronic acid at a point on each side of the breast will bring beautiful breasts as expected!
In addition, the injection can shape the chest, bring the perfect breast!

Dr.Eri’s Hyaluronic Acid Injection(Bust Design) イメージ

●Breast Augmentation

With the practice of breast augmentation by injection of hyaluronic acid, the method of multiple injections around the chest is very prevalent, however, Dr.Eri’s method will use special long needles of two types , injecting all ingredients with only one injection.
As a result, there is no feeling of uneveness, only after 10 minutes you can get beautiful breasts with less pain or scars after the implementation.
Dr. Eric’s therapies are based on treatment experience of more than 30,000 cases, so you can count on high-quality injection.
Not only does breast augmentation work, it also improves the unevenness of the breasts due to age, shaping the breasts shape, and can even “patch” the desired part.

●Nipple injection
More than that!
We recommend using combination with breast implant. Nipple injection is the injection of hyaluronic acid from the inside into the nipple and areola, adjusting the size and shape to balance the whole breast, bringing elastic nipples.
By using retinoic acid and hydroquinone as prescribed home care products, it will improve pigmentation, making the nipple pink!

Dr. Eri`s most advanced Hyaluronic Acid Injection
The injection technical power, with the aesthetic sense possible only by the woman, of Dr. Eri Katagiri, who has had more than 100,000 Hyaluronic Acid Injection cases! No. 1 popular therapy in Eri Clinic Omotesando


Dr.Eri's method brings natural effect that models and celebrities appreciate very much!
With the experience based on thousands of previous treatment, Dr Eri is judged to have a very high aesthetic eye!
Regular injection procedures need to be done in a variety of spots, but Dr. Eric uses a single needle to put the drug in place, thus limiting the mental stress and burden of the body.
●Can only inject locally to affect the parts need fixing
●Dr.Eri has a lot of experience in treatment that can make customers feel secure by limiting the number of injection sites, minimizing the risk of bleeding when done.
●Watching the balance of the body shaping should bring a beautiful natural full breasts
●Only a small amount of injection can be effective.
We will exchange details with you before treatment on the results achieved after finishing the service, so you can rest assured.

Illustrative image


Boosts size and breasts naturally
Adjustable side balance


Image of hyaluronic acid injection (breast)


・Increases the size and volume of breast
Natural breast enhancement, balanced with the body
・Improved sagging breast
Dr. Eri's breast augmentation method naturally boosts the breast in cases of chronic breast pain.
・Improved side of deflected, unbalanced breasts
Make breast augmentation to balance the two sides
・Adjust the shape of the ideal breast
Orthopedic treatment deals with all thoracic concerns such as chest apart, chest sagging, unbalanced breast ..., creating beautiful shape for the breast.
・Adjust the shape and color of the nipple.
Adjust the shape and color of the nipple.


Put on anesthetic tape イメージ
Put on anesthetic tape After counseling and choosing the injection spot, we will tape the anesthetic bandage 30 minutes before to relieve the pain .
Observe the injection spot carefully イメージ
Observe the injection spot carefully Dr. Eri will observe the entire breast and make careful treatment after deciding where and how much to inject.
So it can bring you the most natural beauty.
Injection, shaping イメージ
Injection, shaping After local anesthesia, we inject hyaluronic acid.
Then put an appropriate pressure on the injected part
Almost no need to worry about pain or bleeding
Check after finishing イメージ
Check after finishing Customers will check themselves in the mirror, and get to fine tune to their liking.
The special benefit of the hyaluronic acid injection method is that you can check the results right after the injection.

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