Dr.Eri’s Mesotherapy Fat Dissolution Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection "

Fat Dissolution Meso Therapy

A way of reducing fat without the procedure of incision

This is a direct injection of active ingredients into the unwanted fat, which burns fat cells.
Only reduce the fat concentration in the treatment area, so also suitable to treat chin fat reduction, puffy eyes, …
Since fat cells have been removed, it is very difficult to recover, as compared with the method of liposuction with cutlery, which does not burden the body.
However, the results and the swelling after the procedure are very different depending on the technique performed by the doctors, so careful observation of the injection and injecting procedures is very important.
Understanding the action and expression of muscle groups, it is possible to predict the condition after removing fat, Dr. Eri will inject a sufficient amount into the appropriate section to bring about correct fat removal results for you.
Estimated to leave no pain or swelling, this method will give you a slim face and ideal body curves.I

ndication:Chin chin, puffiness, abdomen, buttocks, thighs


Our institute's unique Mesotherapy approach is highly valued for its superior injection technique.
By injecting directly the mixture of nutrients into the skin, meso injection can improve wrinkles, sagging skin, pores, acne scars and stimulate hair growth.
The stimulation of the needle also stimulates collagen production.
Thanks to Dr. Eric's special injection technique, this method minimizes the risk of pain and bleeding.

Illustrative image


Meso Lypolisis (face)


Meso Lypolisis (body): arm (half)


・reducing fat
Gradually decompose fat, promoting effective facial slimming.

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