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Regenerative Medicine / Stem Cell Therapy

Eri Clinic Omotesando provides "Stem Cell Therapy" by using the culture supernatant from Mesenchymal stem cell culture through the most advanced cell processing technology in Japan, which can be said to "Ultimate anti-aging therapy" for the purpose of the constitution improvement and the rejuvenation of the whole body.
A human body is composed of approximately 60 trillion cells, whose bases are stem cells, which are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more stem cells.
There have been difficulties where stem cell therapy has been provided sanitarily and safely with managing quality, although the regenerative medicines by stem cell therapy applied to cosmetic medical care recently.
Dr. Eri has decided to be strategically allied with the laboratory which has the highest cell processing technology with safety in Japan, which will provide the culture supernatant from Mesenchymal stem cell culture, to be used for patients safely for the purpose of the total anti-aging.

Stem Cell:
A human body is composed of approximately 60 trillion cells, whose bases are stem cells.
Stem Cells can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more stem cells.

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Super Premium Stem Cell Therapy

Dental Pulp Stem Cell Culture Supernatant

Eri Clinic Group provides Stem Cell Therapy according to the purpose of the patient by usage of Dental Pulp Stem Cell Supernatant by strategic alliance with the most reliable laboratory in Japan safely and efficiently.

Dental Pulp Cell is the nerve of the tooth which is in the core of the tooth, which is guarded by the stiff layer of the tooth, causing the gene not to be scared, and the cell which cannot be the cancer cell easily, therefore, include the healthy and a lot of high quality stem cells.
Dental Pulp Stem Cell has an advantage compared with well known Bone marrow-derived Stem Cell and Adipose-derived Stem Cell, because it can be safely and easily collected, isolated, and cultivated with donor`s low risk.
Additionally, because the stem cells tend to decrease rapidly with aging, the most appropriate dental pulp stem cells will be collected from baby teeth or wisdom teeth below 20 year old.
Eri Clinic is using only the culture supernatant which includes more than 100 kinds of growth factors, cultivated from the milk teeth, having very high cell proliferation potency under the severe donor screening.

The main kinds and effects of the Growth Factor (the Cytokine) contained in the culture supernatant

The kind of the Cytokine The main effect
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor : VEGF The hair growth, the hair restoration
Epidermal Growth Factor : EGF and their Family Improvement of pigmentation, dullness of the skin, the scarfskin turnover, and Prevention of the wrinkles
TheLeratunocyte Growth Factor : KGF The hair growth, the hair restoration
Insulin-like Growth Factor : IGF Skin reconstruction, implovement of the wrinkles, the reconstruction of the elasticity of skin and so on, and Hair restoration
Platelet-Derived Growth Factor : PDGF The promotion of the cell division, the multiple - reconstruction of the damage organization
Transforming Growth Factor : TGF-β、TGF-α and their family Antiinflammation, the healing of wound
Hepaticyte Growth Factor : HGF The Anagenesis
Neutral Nutritional Factor CNTF (The ciliary body neurotrophic factor) Growth stimulation and acticvation of the trunk cell
GDNF (The glia cell stock origin neurotrophic factor) Differentitation and growth of the nerve cell, capture and promition of dopamine
NGF (The nerve growth factor) The synthesis - the promotion of the acetylcholine, the maintenance of the nerve cell, the restoration when damaging a cell, it prompt aging in the restoration in the cranial nerve and preventing Alzheimer disease - dementia
BDNF (The cerebral origin neurotrophic factor) The prevention of the survival maintenance - the growth promotion, Alzheimer disease - the dementia of the nerve cell

Treatment Method / Price

Dental-Pulp Stem Cell cultured supernatant (Offered)
Medication Method: Meso Therapy, Ionphoresis, Drip Infusion, Nasal Drip

Medication Method Medication Method Quantity Price (excluding VAT)
■ Meso Therapy
Through direct injection into the skin and the scalp, etc., the active ingredient will be sent subcutaneously, which will cause a quick effect.
1Vial JPY 240,000
■ Iontophoresis
By passing a subtle electric current, the active ingredient will be delivered to the depth of the skin.
1Vial JPY 90,000
■ Drip Infusion
The active ingredient, injected into the direct vein, will act on the interior of the body directly.
JPY 120,000
JPY 180,000
JPY 240,000
■ Nasal Drop (Home Care)
Stem Cell Culture Supernatant, undiluted, will be used for home care through nasal drop.
1Vial JPY 108,000
  • In case of Drip Infusion, Basic Blood Test (¥12,000) and Neoplasm Test (¥48,000) will be recommended also

Dental-Pulp Stem Cell cultured supernatant (Owned)
Medication Method: Meso Therapy, Ionphoresis, Drip Infusion, Nasal Drip

The below mentioned Price Lists includes therapy charges (Drip Infusion, Meso Therapy, Ionphoresis by using the own dental-pulp stem cells) as well as the Blood Test (JPY 10,000) and Tumor Marker Test (JPY 40,000) and screening Infectious disease Test (JPY 50,000)

Quantity of Vials Price (excluding VAT) <For your reference>
In case of the price lists of offered dental-pulp stem cells (In case of Meso Therapy~)
1mlx30(30sessions) JPY 4,200,000 JPY 240,000 x 30 sessions
= JPY 7,200,000JPY 3,000,000 OFF!
1mlx60(60sessions) JPY 5,100,000 JPY 240,000 x 60 sessions
= JPY 14,400,000JPY 9,300,000 OFF!
1mlx90(90sessions) JPY 6,000,000 JPY 240,000 x 90 sessions
= JPY 21,600,000JPY 15,600,000 OFF!

Preservation charge of Dental-Pulp Stem Cell

Preservation for ten years
(the early registration fee)
JPY 960,000

Preservation for next ten years
(the subscription renewal fee)
JPY 288,000


Q1.The reason why the dental-pulp stem cells to be selected among several stem cells?

Among mesenchymal stem cells, there are dental-pulp stem cells, bone marrow-derived stem cells, cord blood-derived stem cells, placenta-derived stem cells, and adipose-derived stem cells. Bone marrow-derived stem cells and Cord blood-derived stem cells will be effective for blood formation, then only to be useful for Leukemia and Anaplastic anemia, while Placenta-derived stem cells are unclear to be extracted, and unstable for safety.Regarding Adipose-derived stem cells, most of the fat origin stem cells have been taken through liposuction, where mostly likely with diseases such as diabetes and arteriosclerosis, then the high effect will NOT be stable.On the other hands, regarding dental-pulp stem cells, it is most easier to extract from the baby teeth and wisdom teeth, which has a high growth factor with high quality and safety.

Q2.Different from PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)?

PRP is without "Culture", then different from stem cell therapy, with much less the growth factor and cytokine, therefore, this method cannot be "Regenerative Medicine" It is reported that skin troubles such as inflammation has been caused by PRP.

Q3.Difference between "Stem cell transplantation" and "Stem Cell culture Supernatant"

Cultured supernatant from stem cells has several advantage and effects without side effects and with safety more than stem cell transplantation causing fever or physical weariness.

  • For stem cell transplantation, the strict HLA inspection will be necessary, and inappropriate stem cell transplantation will cause huge risk, therefore, it is highly regulated by the Ministry of Health.

"Super Premium Stem Cell Therapy"
Most Advanced Regenerative Medicine Example

Meso Therapy to the skin
(Endodermic-injection to the face)

Female in her 50s 1 time
Female in her 50s 1 time
Improvement of Wrinkle and Pores
Female in her 50s 1 time
Female in her 50s 1 time
Improvement of skin texture and beautiful skin rejuvenation effectively

Meso Therapy to the hair scalp

Male in his 50s (w/ Drip Infusion) 4 times
Male in his 50s (w/ Drip Infusion) 4 times
Male in his 50s (w/ Drip Infusion) 4 times
Improvement Hair Restoration to be proven
Female in her 50s 5 times
Female in her 50s 5 times
Improvement Hair Restoration as well as Hair Grayness


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