Dark elbow and knees

When it comes time for sandals and short skirts, you will need to take care of your elbows, knees, heels … We can help you take care of those areas with recommended items


For first time clients or clients who need counseling
Intima Laser
No pain in treatment, no down time!
Advanced laser helps improve gynecological problems (urinary incontinence, inflammation - vaginal pain, loss of pleasure ...)
Dr.Eri’s Chemical Peeling
Returns smooth skin like a baby.
BHA Peeling
Beat blackheads, uneven skin, and dry heels!
Iontophoresis Vitamin C
Dr Eri's special cocktail gives a completely different skin!
Iontophoresis Whitening
Supplement with Vitamin C!
Brings bright radiant skin!
Super Whitening Drip Infusion
By blending various whitening ingredients effectively, it rejuvenates the skin from white to fine texture from the inside.
External Medicine
Combining with other treatment will bring better results!
Treat various purposes like skin whitening, wrinkles, acne …



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