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Dr. Eri has held the seminar
"The most advanced Thread Lift Treatment"
along with Dr. Kwon, one of the most influential authority of beauty surgeon, playing an active part especially in Korea.

seminar Dr. Kwon, Han Jin, the authority of beauty surgeon who is playing an active part mainly in Korea as well as President of International Aesthetic Medical Association in Korea, has visited Eri Clinic Omotesando in November 2016.
In Korea, Thread Lift treatment has replaced invasive surgery in Korea. Dr. Eri has held the seminar "The Most advanced Thread Lift Treatment" on two days, one for the medical doctors, the other for the related media. In Korea, Thread Lift treatment has replaced invasive surgery in Korea.

Dr. Eri`s high technical skills of "Thread Lift"
has been highly evaluated remarkably by Dr. Kwon.


The main purpose of Dr. Kwon`s visit to Japan was to introduce the most advanced Thread Lift technology in Korea, the plastic surgery technology advanced country, to Japanese medical doctors as well as the beauty media in Japan.
Eri Clinic Omotesando, highly evaluated in providing the most advanced thread lift treatment in Japan as well as in foreign countries with Dr. Eri`s high technical skills, has been selected as the seminar place.

"No more invasive surgery for beauty medical technology", Dr. Kwon exaggerated!

Dr. Kwon said, "Thread Lift Treatment has been provided more than 10 years ago in Korea, however, before, this treatment has been provided by using the thread not melting, causing side effects with aging, for example, to touch a nerve, etc., and then the treatment has NOT been popular before."
The newest Thread Lift method has gotten in the spotlight when the usage of thread melting, which is used in general surgery, has started.

"Generally speaking, Korean tends to be very hasty, therefore, they prefer the dramatically change through the surgery or the treatment. Therefore, in Korea, the invasive aesthetic surgery has been very popular in Korea. However, recently, the serious side effects caused by the invasive aesthetic surgery has been much more focused on, most of the middle aged female does not take the invasive aesthetic surgery. And then, this newest Thread Lift method has been much popular as the substitution treatment of the invasive surgery to realize the face forming rapidly without any down time and with lower risks."

"The natural finish by considering totaled design is significantly important", Dr. Eri exaggerated!


"The newest Thread Lift therapy is very safe because of no down time after treatment, no hindrance in the daily life", Dr. Eri said.
Additionally, Dr. Eri has introduced "Dr. Eri`s Thread Lift method", which will be able to control the face forming, Dr. Eri explained, "Dr. Eri`s Thread Lift method has an advantage in forming the face design by imaging the patients` face forming five years or ten years before compared with the current situation."
Dr. Kwon has absolutely agreed with Dr. Eri`s explanation and highly evaluated Dr. Eri`s method with delicacy, and replied, "Actually it is definitely very important that the treatment for the well design balance instead of the treatment to the spots. Only after this Thread Lift being very popular in Korea, the natural finish has been well accepted."

"Nose forming without any invasive surgery will be possible", Dr. Kwon exaggerated!

Especially in Korea, the treatment to the nose forming has been very popular. Dr. Kwon exaggerated, " Before, nose forming mainly by invasive surgery has been very popular, however, currently, nose forming by Hyaluronic Acid injection along with Thread Lift makes it possible to form the perfect nose forming."

Even in Korea, the most advanced aesthetic surgery country, dramatically change after the surgery has been closed up mostly. However, it is likely that this trend has been changed as Thread Lift technology has been popular, and then the trend has shifted to that where the natural finish respectable for the own original face forming.

Thread Lift treatment additionally makes it possible to realize the improvement of any slack and apex nose
"Dr. Eri`s Thread Lift"