Adult acne is mostly caused by stress. Stress causes male hormones to become dominant, leading to breakdown of hormone balance


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Photo facial Stellar M22
It can solve skin troubles that are not related to age at one time, including pigmentation, freckles, liver spots, wrinkles, pores, gimmicks, dull complexion, reddish face, etc. The most advanced light therapy instrument can achieve flawless perfect skin!
EndyMed PRO (Tightening, Body Shaping, Acne Scar) – Eri Clinic Omotesando
High lift-up effect after one time without pain
Dr Eri's intensive toning treatment boosts the muscles in the face, improve saggin skin in the abdomen with the most advanced toning machine from Israel.
Dr.Eri’s EndyMed PRO Perfect Intensif RF
Interference from the epidermis to the subcutaneous tissues with microscopic needles, which improves the need for thermal therapy from deep layers of the skin such as acne scars, deep wrinkles, deep pits, and stretch marks.
Not only delivers smooth but also toned and elastic skin.
Ultra Pulse Encore
Say goodbye to sagging eyelids!
Solving skin problems such as deep wrinkles, big pores etc.
Needle-Free Meso for FACE
Can put nutrient ingredients deep into the skin!
No painful Mesotherapy opens a turning point in the beauty industry without the use of needles!
Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection"(TOP)
Our institute's unique Mesotherapy approach is highly valued for its superior injection technique.
Dr.Eri’s Mesotherapy Lift Up Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection"
Launches 4 categories of muscle lift Meso to improve sagging areas!
Dr.Eri’s Mesotherapy Acne Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection"
The method works much faster than oral medications, which are effective in treating acne
Dr.Eri’s Chemical Peeling
Returning the skin like a smooth baby skin.
BHA Peeling
Clearing stubborn blackheads, uneven colored skin, and even dry heels!
Iontophoresis Vitamin C
Dr Eri's Original cocktail pursues a beautiful glow and touch of skin
Iontophoresis Whitening
Full Charge of Vitamin C
Brings out brighter and clear skin
Beauty Drip Infusion / Blood therapy
Beauty from the inside!
Eri Clinic's exclusive beauty IV Drip
High Concentration Mega Vitamin C Drip Infusion
Recommended for those aiming beauty for anti-aging purpose, improving pigmentation, melasma, wrinkles, uneven skin color, sagging, acne
Acne Treatment Drip Infusion
Acne treatment from within the body, curing the acne and preventing them to reoccur.
Total Supplement Dock
Maintain health and anti-aging.
Comprehensive supplement from the endocrinologist.
External Medicine
Combining with other treatment will bring better results!
Treat various purposes like skin whitening, wrinkles, acne …
Internal Medicine
Drugs prescribed by Dr Eri!
Medical Supplement / Chinese Herbal Medicine
Provide supplements and herbs carefully selected by Dr. Eri!



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