Spots, age spots(liver spots), freckles, dull skin, dark circles under eyes

We provide appropriate treatment services such as laser, mesotherapy, drip, topical medicine… corresponding to different skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, freckles, uneven skin color …


For first time clients or clients who need counseling
Photo facial Stellar M22
It can solve skin troubles that are not related to age at one time, including pigmentation, freckles, liver spots, wrinkles, pores, gimmicks, dull complexion, reddish face, etc. The most advanced light therapy instrument can achieve flawless perfect skin!
Dr.Eri’s Pico Laser Toning
The most advanced laser technology helps to lighten skin tone, improve skin pigmentation problems such as freckles, pigmentation, uneven skin ...Brings bright, smooth skin!
Dr.Eri’s Pico No Moth Laser
Remove pigment spots in a short time without damaging the skin!
Ultra Pulse Encore
Say goodbye to sagging eyelids!
Solving skin problems such as deep wrinkles, big pores etc.
Needle-Free Meso for FACE
Can put nutrient ingredients deep into the skin!
No painful Mesotherapy opens a turning point in the beauty industry without the use of needles!
Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection"(TOP)
Our institute's unique Mesotherapy approach is highly valued for its superior injection technique.
Dr.Eri’s Mesotherapy Whitening Meso Therapy "Ultra Water light injection"
Birthof popular Meso Whitening!
Dr.Eri’s Chemical Peeling
Returns smooth skin like a baby.
BHA Peeling
Beat blackheads, uneven skin, and dry heels!
Iontophoresis Vitamin C
Dr Eri's special cocktail gives a completely different skin!
Iontophoresis Whitening
Supplement with Vitamin C!
Brings bright radiant skin!
High Concentration Mega Vitamin C Drip Infusion
Recommended for those who aim for beauty and anti-aging purpose, namely improvement of skin pigmentation, melasma, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sagging skin, acne …
Super Whitening Drip Infusion
By blending various whitening ingredients effectively, it rejuvenates the skin from white to fine texture from the inside.
Total Supplement Dock
Maintain health and anti-aging.
Comprehensive supplement from the endocrinologist.
Internal medicine
Drugs prescribed by Dr Eri!
External Medicine
Combining with other treatment will bring better results!
Treat various purposes like skin whitening, wrinkles, acne …



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