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Regenerative Medicine / Stem Cell Therapy
Immunotherapy for Cancer / Super Premium Immunotherapy


These day, “Stem Cell Therapy” for the purpose of the constitution improvement (including the atopic dermatitis and so on ) and “aging care” (including hair restoration and the whole body rejuvenation), and “Super Premium Immunotherapy” for the purpose of the prevention against the cancer and the various disease are dramatically remarkable widely.
We have provided “Regenerative Medicine / Stem Cell Therapy” as well as “Immunotherapy for Cancer / Super Premium Immunotherapy” through strategic alliance with the laboratories which have the highest cell culture processing technology in Japan.
I have a strong confidence that these most advanced medical services will cause all of our patients to live a healthier life youthfully by our “Total anti-aging medical center”.

Eri Clinic Omotesando President
Eri Katagiri

  • ヒト自己活性化NK細胞による免疫細胞療法
    Immune cell therapy by autologous activated NK cells (3 types)
    【Regenerative medicine Plan number:PC3160289】
  • 複合免疫療法
    Combination immunotherapy (3 types)
    【Regenerative medicine Plan number:PC3190184】
  • 自己脂肪由来幹細胞による治療
    Treatment of major symptoms in atopic dermatitis patients using stem cells derived from autologous fat (2 types)
    【Regenerative medicine Plan number:PB3190091】
  • 悪性腫瘍に対するNK細胞療法
    NK cell therapy for malignant tumors (3 types)
    【Regenerative medicine Plan number:PC3180003】
  • 悪性腫瘍に対する免疫療法:BAK療法
    Immune therapy for malignant tumors: BAK therapy (3 types)
    【Regenerative medicine Plan number:PC3180004】
  • がんに対するNK細胞を用いた免疫機能改善治療
    Treatment to improve immune function by using NK cells for cancer (3 types)
    【Regenerative medicine Plan number:01C1912006】
  • がんに対するαβT細胞を用いた免疫機能改善治療
    Treatment of improving immune function by using αβT cells for cancer (3 types)
    【Regenerative medicine Plan number:01C1912004】
  • がんに対するγδT細胞を用いた免疫機能改善治療
    Treatment of improving immune function by using γδT cells for cancer (3 types)
    【Regenerative medicine Plan number:01C1912005】
  • がんに対する樹状細胞を用いた免疫機能改善治療
    Treatment of improving immune function by using dendritic cells for (3 types)
    【Regenerative medicine Plan number:01C1912007】

Can be checked on the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.



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