Eri Clinic Omotesando has opened
“Eri International” (Aethetic Dermatology and Total Anti-Aging Clinic) in Vietnam
We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our seventh clinic this summer 2018!
Additionally, new clinics opening this year include Hang Da in Hanoi, Landmark81 Ward Binh Thanh and Van Hanh Mall Ward 10 in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Eri Clinic Group” (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Eri Katagiri) has been strategically allied with California Management Group (CMG) (Hanoi, Vietnam, CEO: Randy Dobson), the biggest fitness club operators in Vietnam, and established the first cosmetic dermatology and anti-aging clince “Eri International” in HCM in HCM in October 2015.

California Fitness & Yoga (“CFYC”) became the first and largest international fitness company to open in Vietnam in 2007. In 2014, Mizuho Capital became a strategic financial partner of CMG Asia fueling rapid development and expansion. Currently, the company operating approximately 30 fitness clubs throughout Vietnam as by pioneering a client-integrated exosystem of life enhancement solutions.

Eri Clinic Group has strategically agreed with CMG in order to provide our long experiences and most advanced medical technology in Japan to the high end users among Vietnamese, most of whom are members of CFYC

Through the above mentioned our stragetic alliance, Eri International in partnership with Eri Clinic Japan is Vvietnam`s first and only Anti-aging beauty clinic using the exclusive Dr. Eri method develped by world renowned internal medicine and dermatologist expert Dr. Eri Katagiri from Tokyo Japan. Eri International has been opened in SC VIVO CITY, and graduallly expanded along with CFYC fitness clubs throughout in Vietnam.

Hồ Ngọc Hà & Dr.Eri

Eri International

Ho Ngoc Ha

She was born in 1984, a famous Vietnamese model, pop singer, actress, and entertainer. She became famous when she won the first prize in the supermodel contest of Vietnam in 2003 and 2004. Several Vietnam celebrities have already visited Eri Clinic Japan to introduce the clinic in Vietnam.

California Fitness & Yoga

California Fitness & Yoga
California Fitness & Yoga

Vietnam`s Premier Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Provider; More than just an ordinary “gym”, California Fitness & Yoga is a dynamic lifestyle center that engages, entertains and enegizes the communities it serves.
After a decade of operating CMG.ASIA has become maven for Making Life Better through 18 brands across 4 industries which form the Life Enhancemenet Ecosystem Platform (LEEP) and integrate into every aspect of their client`s and customer`s lives.


“E-Special”, Skin Care Sseries, Dr. Eri`s cosmetics products, which has been developed by Dr. Eri have started to be sold in Vietnam.


Through Eri International as well as California Fitness & Yoga throughout Vietnam, “E-Special” products line up has started to be distributed in Vietnam.
“Basic Care Line” including 4 products such as Cleansing Gel and Moisture Lotion for basic daily care,
“Active Renew Line” including 4 other products such as Mild Doctor Peel and Doctor Eye Stretch Serum which perform the clinic-level of care and
Doctor Peel Body which was created and produced by using the same anti-aging facial care technique are available for sale now.

Eri International – The Science of Beauty



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